Mindfulness teacher training

Why become a mindfulness teacher?

Has mindfulness transformed your life in a positive way and are you looking for ways to deepen your practice or pass it on to others?

Mindfulness training programmes have attained solid ground in many areas of life: personal development, work, health, education, leadership, parenting, childbirth and others.

As mindfulness is becoming more mainstream, there is a growing need for professionalism. While more people are starting to share mindfulness, there is an increasing need for teachers with a solid background and certified training skills.

Brussels Mindfulness offers a 1,5-year inperson Mindfulness Teacher Training programme according to international certification standards.  Completion of all parts of the programme leads to a Certificate of Competency in Teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programme (MBSR).

Here are some reasons why this teacher training can be something for you. You may want to:

  • deepen your practice and understanding of mindfulness
  • make new friends with an interest in meditation
  • look for a (career) change in your life
  • increase your wellbeing and boost your mental growth
  • share mindfulness in a skilful way with others
  • figure out what it is that you have to offer the world
  • make an investment in your personal future
  • be kinder to and take better care of yourself
  • look for new ways to earn additional income

Currently it is possible to register for level 2 if you have followed level 1 at another organisations (click here to inquire). 

The next full teacher training cycle will start in September 2023. New dates to be published soon.

Relaxation retreat
Lunch retreat Dongelberg

How does the training look like?

This training is organised in a 1,5-year programme comprising residential weekend modules of 21 days in total, and a 5-day retreat.  You can find an overview of the dates here.

This course offers you the unique opportunity to deepen your journey into mindfulness together with a group of like-minded people and guided by excellent international teachers. Throughout the programme, you will be practising in small groups and be encouraged to follow your progress by journaling. 

The Brussels Mindfulness Teacher Training has been developed in line with the UK Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisation’s Good Practice Guidance for teachers and the international Mindfulness-Based Interventions-Teacher Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC). Completion of all parts leads to the award of a Certificate of Competency in Teaching Mindfulness-Based Approaches. 

The training is organised in three phases, spread over a period of 1,5 years:

Level 1: Mindfulness Teacher Training - Foundations Programme

The Foundations Programme is an opportunity to understand and embody all the elements of the mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) course and develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge required to deliver elements of a mindfulness training, guide basic meditations or teach an 8-week mindfulness course with supervision. We will be focussing on the mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) programme, developed by Jon Kabat Zinn, as a core programme so that after the first year you are familiar with all its elements and practices. You can download the last version of the authorized guide of the MBSR programme here.

The training experiences are designed to help you develop your personal mindfulness practice, to become familiar with teaching the curriculum and acquire first teaching skills. It is a beginning of the journey from mindfulness practitioner to becoming a teacher of mindfulness-based courses. For people wanting to integrate mindfulness at their workplace in the form of silent pauses with guided meditations, short interventions or use mindfulness elements in their work as a counsellor, therapist or coach, this can be a perfect start.

Content of the programme

There are 3 residential modules in the foundations programme (10 days in total), taking place from October 2021 to April 2022, focusing on:

  • Deepening your personal mindfulness practice and experiencing an embodied understanding of mindfulness
  • Obtaining a basic understanding of the underpinning rationales/intentions, background, theory, cognitive science, evidence base, ethical framework, structure and sequence of the mindfulness-based stress reduction programmes (MBSR)
  • Practising guided meditations and inquiry in controlled and supportive settings

Level 2: Mindfulness Teacher training - Advanced Programme

The Advanced Programme is an opportunity to develop experience and confidence in teaching mindfulness-based approaches, mainly the MBSR curriculum through further training, supervised teaching, attendance of retreats and a continued personal practice. During this programme, you will also be expected to work with a supervisor to reflect on your readiness for teaching and on your enfolding skills and experience.

Content of the Programme

The advanced programme consists of 5 modules (11 days in total), taking place from September 2022 to April 2023. Trainees are required to follow a 5-day silent retreat as well, for which you can participate in our Summer Retreat (or any other similar retreat.

  • Deepening and reinforcing your inquiry skills (debriefing on the meditation practices)
  • Refining guidance skills for guided meditations and practices (including movement)
  • Understanding and managing group dynamics and responding wisely to difficult behaviour
  • Educational themes of the training; their rationale and how to present them
  • Developing further competency in taking care of the group (while taking care of yourself)
  • The Buddhist roots of mindfulness
  • Counter-indications, secondary effects, dealing with difficulties, clinical applications and non-clinical applications of mindfulness
  • Developing sensitivity towards meditation-related challenges and the impact of trauma on mindfulness practice
  • Practical organisation of a mindfulness course (syllabus document, organisation, intake, marketing etc.)

All Courses take place in a beautiful location, la Maison du Chemin des Roches in Dongelberg, Wallonia, some 50 min from Brussels.

Assessment period with supervision and certification

To obtain the certificate of mindfulness teacher, it is required to attend at least 90% of the programme of both years and pass the assessment. This will enable you to teach the 8-week curriculum to open groups and companies, as well as apply for membership at a professional mindfulness association.

The assessment procedure will take place from July to September 2023. The following teachers are confirmed as assessors: 

Evelyn Rodtmann, Yvonne Tuinte

Registrations are closed for part 1. Currently it is possible to apply for part 2 starting in September 2022  if you have followed the foundational year in another organisation. Click here to inquire.

The next MBSR Teacher training pathway will start in 2023. New dates will be published soon.

Who can participate?

The mindfulness teacher training is open to anyone who wants to be a mindfulness teacher or engage in a deep and life-transforming journey with like-minded people. You should meet the following requirements:

  • You have followed an 8-week mindfulness training as a participant
  • You would like to combine your passion for mindfulness with professional trainer skills and attitudes
  • You have completed some form of higher education (at least a Bachelor’s degree)
  • You have a daily meditation practice since a few months
  • You have attended one silent retreat of at least 2 nights. Proof of this can still be submitted at a later stage during the training (the latest before starting assessment).
    Click here for information on our retreats. Given the current circumstances, we also accept online retreats, but please contact us first to confirm that it meets the requirements. 

Meet our team of international teachers

Find out more about the practical details for 2021-2023 here and listen to a conversation between the two lead teachers Lot Heijke and Beate Trück below:

About us

We believe that mindfulness skills can make this world a better place, not only because it helps to improve individual wellbeing, but also because it leads to wiser choices and more kindness in this world.

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