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Ayurvedic massage therapist

As a certified Ayurvedic therapist I help people to reconnect with their body, by means of bodywork – through Ayurvedic massages and food advice.

I regularly join the retreats of Brussels Mindfulness to offer ayurvedic massages to support the healing and calming of the nervous system. 

Since 2003 I have a private practice, currently in Brussels and Strombeek. After several years combining this practice with other part-time jobs I'm now fully dedicated to my private practice, in cooperation with Brussels Mindfulness and others. I also offer myofacial release and yoga workshops for companies. 

Stress related problems – both physically and mentally-, burn-out-symptoms and digestion problems are my main specialities. Next to my Ayurveda education in the School of Ayurveda in Gent and by doctors in India, I followed several courses in macrobiotics, orthomoleculare medicine, shiatsu, pregnancy massage, Vipassana silent meditation and yoga.

As I’m more and more convinced about the therapeutic possibilities of yoga, I’m currently (2018) diving into Yoga Therapy courses and teacher trainings. I completed the Yin Yoga teacher training (foundations and assist) with Joe Barnett, a Fibromyalgia Teacher Training with Jessica Roy and a professional training in yoga therapy for the nervous system, degenerative disease and pain management’ at ‘The Yoga Therapy Institute’ in Amsterdam.

I am a Dutch-speaking Belgian, living in Strombeek-Bever. Next to my work and family life I like to run, to spend time in nature or in a vibrant city, to read or to go for yoga, silence and meditation.

More information on Katrien's practice through this link.

Languages: English, Dutch and French

Katrien Maes