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Senior Mindfulness teacher

Educated in history and languages, Berenice has been further trained and worked in project management. After having become a mother, life changed at lot personally and professionally, and a new way of approaching these changes emerged with mindfulness and the mindful way of living, not only as a mother and partner, but more deeply as a person. This brought along a whole new way of living and enjoying life, no matter the challenges.

Berenice has been certified as MBSR-teacher by Arbor-Seminare in Germany, with additional specialisation in mindfulness for parents and for children, as well as mindful communication. She has also followed further training to bring Mindfulness into Schools and to start teaching children and teenager. She is also giving courses and workshops in Luxembourg, having settled there in 2017 after several years in Brussels. You can find her activities in Luxembourg at www.being-mindful.lu.

From 2016 to 2019 she has been working behind the screens of Brussels Mindfulness as its operations manager to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Since mid-2019 Berenice has handed over this position to concentrate on her own business in Luxembourg. She is happy to stay connected to Brussels Mindfulness with her continuing cooperation as freelance trainer for courses, workshops and retreats.

Working languages: English and German.

Berenice Boxler