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Lead trainer for the Mindfulness Teacher Training, Assessor

I am a certified teacher of meditation and MBSR. I certified as MBSR teacher with the CFM (Center for Mindfulness, Massachusetts, USA) and was mentored as an insight meditation teacher in the Dharma training by Sylvia Boorstein. I also trained as a yoga teacher in the Netherlands and in the USA, and am a certified supervisor.

I've been teaching yoga and mindfulness since 2004. I regularly guide meditation retreats and am a teacher in various MBSR teacher training programs internationally. I've been practicing meditation since my early years, exploring different secular and Buddhist traditions like transcendental meditation (TM) and zen before discovering vipassana, my current practice. Compassion and humor are important elements to me, both in my own practice and my teaching.

Over the years, I developed a passion for supervision. I strongly believe in its value as a support for the mindfulness field, to keep both my personal meditation practice and professional teaching role fresh and vital. I am the lead teacher in the international Mindfulness Supervision training program and the Brussels Mindfulness' teacher training and various other teacher trainings in Germany, the Netherlands and Turkey.

I served on the board of the Mindfulness Association of the Netherlands (VMBN) for many years and am a member of the International Mindfulness Integrity (IMI) Network.  I am the co-founder and current president of the European mindfulness network EAMBA.

Lot Heijke