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Mindfulness teacher for open courses and organisations

I have always been curious about other cultures and languages and hence arrived in Brussels at the age of 18. I completed my bachelor's in Languages and Literature and a master's degree in International Business Economics and Management. Since then, I have worked as a language coach and am currently working as a consultant in Talent Management. The common thread in my career choices has always been to help people in their development, whether in their linguistic skills or professionally.

Yet, from the start it has been very clear to me that there is more to life than just work. Having dealt with stress at work, frequent worrying, as well as feelings of insecurity, I decided to enrol in a Mindfulness Course years ago. It was such an enriching experience as it helped me to focus on what really matters to me and find more skilful ways to deal with life’s ups and downs. But most importantly, it taught me to be more compassionate towards myself. I hence decided to attend several follow-up courses and retreats and eventually enrolled in a mindfulness teacher training course at Brussels Mindfulness, in cooperation with lead teacher Jake Dartington. Having completed the two-year training programme, I am enthusiastic to share the benefits of Mindfulness with others.

I particularly enjoy being able to work with the international community of Brussels. Being Austrian myself, I also speak English, French, Spanish and Dutch. Apart from languages, my other passions include travelling, jogging, cycling, writing and slacklining.