Mindfulness-based Supervision

What is Mindfulness-based Supervision?

Mindfulness-based supervision establishes a safe place for you, as a Mindfulness teacher or teacher-in-training, to explore your teaching strengths as well as your challenges. It focuses not only on your teaching work, but also includes consideration of your personal mindfulness practice and how it impacts on your work and everyday life.

Who is Mindfulness Supervision suitable for?

Supervision can be undertaken by anyone who is teaching mindfulness in any format, whether teaching MBSR, MBCT, Introductory programmes or other Mindfulness-based interventions. You may be newly qualified in teaching Mindfulness and are looking for support and mentoring as you deepen your understanding of the course curriculum and the dynamics of your group. The guidelines for good practice for mindfulness teachers recommend regular supervision if you are teaching mindfulness-based courses or retreats. Perhaps you are already an experienced mindfulness teacher and would like to explore a specific aspect or issue in your teaching are looking for a new supervisor.

Mindfulness based Supervision can also support you in exploring and deepening your personal practice even if if you are not currently teaching

Who is Mindfulness Supervision suitable for?

What happens in a Mindfulness Supervision session?

The supervision session is led by you. You may come to a session with a particular issue that is alive for you in your work or your practice, something you are wondering about or any challenges that you might have encountered during your course. Through a process of inquiry, we can explore these issues together. The sessions are very much a collaborative process and are based on mutual respect and care.

The supervision session itself creates a container that includes elements of mindfulness practice and supports embodied presence and compassion.

If you are teacher trainee at Brussels Mindfulness you are required to follow 4 supervisions, after 2 sessions of the mindfulness course. You will need to send in a 1000-word reflection at least 2 days before each supervision session which will be used as a basis for our exploration.

If you are a mindfulness practitioner who wants to deepen your journey without necessarily teaching, perhaps you’d like to explore a particular aspect of the curriculum or develop further your guidance of a particular practice. You may be starting your teaching career and offering introductory courses and workshops. You may be wondering how to adapt your teaching to the needs of a specific population or how best to support participants with particular needs. All of this, and more, is possible to include for consideration in Mindfulness-based Supervision.

About me, Beate Trück

I bring to the supervision space 12 years of personal mindfulness meditation practice and have participated in many silent retreats over these years.

Over the past 5 years, I have been involved in MBSR Teacher Training at Brussels Mindfulness. I am passionate about supporting Mindfulness teachers to immerse themselves in this curriculum and to witness the powerful effects of the unfolding of MBSR and other mindfulness interventions with their groups. 

I am currently involved in a 12-month in-depth training for Mindfulness Supervisors with Lot Heijke (The Netherlands), Günter Hudasch and Petra Meibert (Germany) and Camilla Sköld (Sweden); mindfulness teachers, trainers and supervisors with extensive and international teaching experience.

During 2018 I trained in the use of MBI-TAC with Rebecca Crane and in 2021 I have followed the foundations and advanced training for trauma-sensitive mindfulness with David Treleaven.

I am currently an active member of the mindfulness teacher association, Moment, and the European mindfulness teacher association, EAMBA.

As well as my work with the general public, over the past decade, I have introduced mindfulness to many international organisations throughout Belgium and Europe, involving staff from the European Institutions, corporate companies, educational and training settings, healthcare, senior groups, and more. This has necessitated adapting my mindfulness teaching to the needs of a wide and varied audience. I have specific experience in working with senior executives and leadership programmes and am in particular passionate about working with international organisations.

I have committed to engaging in regular supervision since I first began teaching and am blessed to have Claude Maskens as my mentor. I have seen that supervision is a rich learning ground, a space where the teacher can safely continue to refine their teaching skills and also explore their edges and vulnerabilities. I work in English, Dutch, German and French with some knowledge of Spanish and Italian. 

You can find more information about me here.

Interested in Mindfulness-based Supervision?

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