Certified Mindfulness Teacher & Yoga Teacher

I graduated in Management; however, I've always been fascinated by psychology and personal development. Driven by curiosity and personal growth, I moved abroad in 2009. Since then, I have lived in different countries in Western Europe and Asia and consider myself a world citizen. I'm now settled in Belgium, Ghent.

I have worked in various customer-facing roles in marketing, sales and project management. In my current role as a Learning Designer at  Vlerick Business School, I create impactful online learning journeys for our students. I combine my corporate job with my yoga and mindfulness business – Free Flow.

I discovered yoga and meditation in 2009, when I lived in Norway. From then on it was part of my life with varying intensity and consistency, but always giving me new positive energy in the most difficult moments.

Yoga and mindfulness are my life passion and creative outlet. They give me the 'free flow' of energy, make my body and mind flexible, provide a different perspective on life. In 2018 I experienced a burnout. Awareness of what is happening in my body and mind helped me recognise the signs of burnout at its early stage. Thanks to my yoga and mindfulness tools, I could recover from it rather quickly.

I wanted to share the benefits of yoga and meditation with others, and got certified as a yoga teacher in 2019. I'm specialised in hatha yoga and yoga Nidra, and I teach individuals and in companies. In 2020 I joined a two-year Mindfulness Teacher Training with Brussels Mindfulness and am now on this exciting journey of being a mindfulness teacher.

I'm particularly fascinated by the topics of stress and resilience, sleep management, breathwork, and managing energy with yoga and meditation. I have developed and teach a course on sleep management.

I work in English, am proficient in Dutch and native of Russian and Ukrainian.

Lyuba Byessonova