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Locations for our courses

All our locations are carefully chosen on the criteria of atmosphere, warmth and the services they provide.  each of these remarkable location possesses a unique charm and most of them even a beautiful garden for our outdoor practices. What's truly captivating is that these spaces are managed by exceptional women, reflecting the essence of Brussels Mindfulness itself. Their dedication has transformed these places into havens of peace and connection. See below for more information and some impressions. 

The Library Europe

The Library is a cosy co-working space in Brussels close to Montgomery. It is located in a beautiful old Maison de maître with high ceilings, parquet floors and designed in the Danish "hygge" style by Swedish owner Anne-Sofie Rehfeld.

Brussels Mindfulness rents 'The Sky Room' for some of its courses, a stylish and vast meeting room at the top floor, and 'The Grand Meeting Room' in the heart of the house on the main level.

Delicious teas and water are provided for the sessions. The room is set up with a circle of chairs, but you can also bring your own meditation material if you prefer this.

Address: Avenue de Broqueville 40, 1200 Brussels - Metro stop Montgomery.

The Library Europe
The Library Europe
The Library Europe

Institute of Neurocognitivism (MM81)

MM81 is a beautiful Maison de maître between metro Merode and Montgomery on Avenue de Tervueren. It has nice meeting rooms with parquet, high ceilings, marble statues and mirrors. There is also a beautiful internal garden with a little pond, which we use for walking meditations and stretching when the weather is nice. These outdoor sessions are very popular in the warm seasons.

We will be sitting on chairs in a circle, but you are welcome to use your own meditation material. Delicious teas and water are available during the sessions.

Address: MM81, Avenue de Tervueren 81, 1040 Brussels. Metro stop Merode / Montgomery.


Co-working Space Timesmore

Timesmore is a beautiful maison de maitre and co-working space, which has been renovated with lots of love by Kristel de Prins and her team. It is a hidden jewel close to Montgomery and offers three beautifully designed  spacious meeting rooms with a view into the garden.  When the weather is nice we will offer some outdoor sessions in its lush garden and enjoy the tranquillity in the midst of the city. 

Adresse: 47 Boulevard St Michel, 1040 Brussels, metro: Montgoméry 

Retreat locations

La Maison du Chemin des Roches

La Maison du Chemin des Roches is a true haven of peace to resource and connect deeply with like-minded people in tranquillity of the countryside. It is located in the middle of the small village of Dongelberg in Wallonia, some 45 minutes from Brussels. The house is specially conceived for meditation retreats by its owner Fabienne Bauwens, and offers a beautiful meditation hall and 15 rooms. Its vast garden is ideal for walking meditations or resting under the trees. We also use this location for our teacher training.

There are numerous beautiful walks in the surrounding fields. There are several double and some single rooms, which can be booked for an additional fee of 30€ per night. Showers and bathrooms are shared.

Our inhouse cooks Viannou or Severine create tasty dishes from the vegetables grown in the garden. When the weather is nice, we will be eating on the terrace and when it is chilly, there is a fireplace in the dining room. Teas and coffee is available throughout the retreat.

Address: Maison du Chemin des Roches 9, 1370 Dongelberg

La Maison du Chemin des Roches
La Maison du Chemin des Roches
La Maison du Chemin des Roches

Het Verblijf

Het Verblijf is a beautiful 200 year-old farm in Sint Martens Lennik, just 20 minutes from Brussels. It is a haven of peace in Flemish Pajottenland, surrounded by sheep and fields. The gentle hosts, Inge and Hugo – who are both passionate yogis – have restored the complex in a very authentic and 100% energy neutral way.

Around the farm, there are many beautiful walks though the fields. One of our favourites is a 7 km walk to the beautiful castle of Gaasbeek, which we generally do in silence in order to tap into all our senses on the way.

The shared bedrooms, featuring new ventilation units, are comfortable and have luxurious private bathrooms. The food cooked with love by our hosts is organic and delicious. Teas and coffee are available throughout the retreat.

There is always free time to either walk alone or rest in the spacious grange, the cosy living room or on the terrace next to the pond.

Address: Rosweg 54, 1750 Lennik

New locations for workshops:

Cabinet Moliere

Birgit Weise-Montag has renovated this beautiful house with love and precious materials. The mediation room offers a calming view  and access into the serene garden where you can forget the busyness of the city.

Adress: Av. Moliere 138, Brussels

People Planet Place

This beautiful house in Ixelles, Brussels is designed by Kathryn Sheridan as an inclusive, grounded space for healing, creativity and rest. It has a spacious meditation hall at the top floor which is ideal for meditation, sound bath sessions and yoga. 

Adresse: 9, Emmanuelle van Driessche, Ixelles. 

People Planet Place