Locations for our 8-week courses

All our locations are carefully chosen on the criteria of cosyness, warmth and the services they provide. We have been working with most of them since many years and are very grateful about this cooperation. 


The Library Europe

The Libray is a cosy co-working space in Brussels, close to Montgomery. It is located in a beautiful old Maison de maître with high ceilings, parquets and designed in the Danish "hygge" style by Swedish owner Anne-Sofie Rehfeld.

Brussels Mindfulness rents for their courses 'The Sky Room', a stylish and vast meeting room at the top floor.



Deilicous teas and water are provided for the sessions.The setting is in circles of chairs, but you can also bring your own meditation material.

Address: Ave. Broqueville 40, Brussels




MM81 is a beautiful Maison de maître between metro Merode and Montgomery on Avenue de Tervueren in Brussels.

It has nice meeting rooms with parquet, high ceilings, marble statues and mirrors. It also has a beautiful internal garden with a little pond which we like to use for walking meditations and stretching when the weather is nice. These outdoor sessions are very popuar in the warm seasons. 

We will be sitting in chairs in a circle, but you are welcome to use your own meditatio material. Delicious teas and water are available for all sessions.


Address: Av. de Tervuuren 81, Brussels




Locations for our retreats


La Maison du Chemin des Roches (new location!)


La Maison du Chemin des Roches is a beautiful venue located in the middle of the small village of Dongelberg in Wallonia, some 45 minutes from Brussels. The house is specially conceived for meditation retreats and has a beautiful meditation hall. Its vast garden is ideal for walking meditation or resting under the trees.   

There a numerous beautiful walks in the surrounding fields. The gentle housekeeper Giles attends to all your needs and makes it possible so you can relax. There are several double and some single rooms which will be distributed according to specific needs. Showers and bathrooms are shared.

The cooks Philippe and Mark create tasty dishes from the vegetables in the garden and even add little menus so you know what can expect you. When the weather is nice, we will be eating in the garden and when it is cold there will be a fireplace in the dining room.


A true haven of peace where you can be resourced.

Address: Chemin des roches 9, Dongelberg



Het Verblijf

Het Verblijf is a beautiful 200-year old farm in Sint Martens Lennik, just 20 minutes from Brussels. 


The place is a haven of peace, with sheep and fields around it. The hosts, Inge and Hugo, who are both passionate yogis, have restored the farm in a very authentic way and 100% energy neutral.

Around the farm there are many beautiful walks though the fields. One of our favourite walks is a 7 km walk to the beautiful castle of Gaasbeek which we generally do in silence by tapping into all our senses.

The shared bedrooms are comfortable and have luxurious private bathrooms. The food cooked with love by our hosts is organic and delicious. Teas and coffee is available throughout the retreat.

There will also be free time where you can either walk alone or rest in the spacious grange, the cosy living room or on the terrace next to the pond.


It is also possible to book an extra night at the B&B via inge@verblijf.be.

Address: Rosweg 54, Lennik



Monastère Notre-Dame d'Hurtebise

Since many years it has become a tradition that we offer a summer retreat in this unique location.

This active Benedictine convent is situated in the middle of nature in the Belgian Ardennes close to Saint Hubert. The location is prestigious with its old buildings, a small chapel, a comfortable meditation hall and a huge diner.


The rooms are simple, but comfortable single rooms with a sink. The showers are shared. You can feel between the old walls the fruit of the concentration and contemplative practice of the nuns. They receive us with their love and care and if you wish, you can even participate in their chanting and prayers which they practice five times a day.

Around the monastery are beautiful walks in the woods and fields, and the terrace in front is accessible to all with a beautiful view across the landscape.

We have our own building with a separate meditation hall and even a small cafeteria where you can enjoy coffee and tea throughout the day.

Address: Rue de Monastére, Saint-Hubert