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  • A very professional team with human intentions, lots of material to follow through and great communication. Highly recommended!

    Participant from a mutlinational
  • The 8-week programme was a real eye-opener. I love the coach as well as the group, everything was done in an atmosphere of compassion and understanding. I feel like now I have this big toolbox that I can keep developing and digging into whenever I face difficult and stressful situations.

    Participant of an international company

  • es, I highly recommend Brussels Mindfulness. The teachers and approach were the right balance of providing a conceptual understanding, hands-on practice, and personal and peer reflections and dialogue to understand and integrate what we learned into what we do and who we are! The impact has been immediate and keeps on giving - it is an investment that positively affects the foundation of self & holistic well-being.

    participant from a multinational
  • It was just perfect. I really feel better since I can now manage my emotions on a much more efficient way.

    participant from a Belgian public organisation
  • Offering the 8-week mindfulness course to one's staff should be considered by any employer concerned about staff wellbeing and both professional and personal development.

    Participant of an international organisation
  • Helpful and interesting lessons with a teacher who is sensitive and very sympathetic :)

    Participant from an NGO
  • It was a wonderful experience thanks to a very well-prepared trainer and the concepts learnt.

    -participant from an NGO
  • High quality teachers and extraordinary communication and pedagogical tools (handbook, to the point emails, language , knowledge ...), Extraordinary 8-week mindfulness course which should be a must for everyone, impossible not to like ... Mindfulness attitudes in hectic times and some delicious raisins (you will find out why ...).

    Participant from the European Commission
  • We collaborated with Brussels Mindfulness to deliver several yoga and mindfulness sessions at our annual staff seminar in 2022. Brussels Mindfulness and the trainers really went the extra mile to make this an excellent experience and ensure the sessions were well-planned and delivered. The sessions were super-relaxing and just what was needed.

    Kathryn Bryan, Head of HR, EFTA Surveillance Authority
  • Excellent teacher! I would recommend the course to everyone who wants to improve and learn to use and implement their own sources.

    participant from a multinational
  • This course has been truly transformational for me. I came to understand that self-care if not optional but absolutely necessary if I want to deal with the many challenges of my life. it also helped me to understand that in order to be kind and creative I need to first switch to the being mode and learn to relax.

    Participant of a Belgium company
  • The training which we received on mindfulness and neuroplasticity has been transformational for our organisation and for us as individuals. It has helped us to be more discerning about our priorities, be more aware of our triggers and stressors, and to apply real techniques to reduce anxiety, build confidence and provide clarity for decisions to be taken. We are grateful to Beate and Brussels Mindfulness for accompanying our staff on a one-year learning journey with effects that last!

    Executive director, international non-profit organisation
  • Our trainer shared with us a lot of supporting tools that are easy to use in every day life! I enjoyed the audio and the book - part of my life from now on. The mini-session with few colleagues allowing us to share personal matters was a big help for me as I am quite shy in a large group. Thank you for the fantastic training :-))

    Participant from the European Parliament