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Mindfulness Coaching

Realign Your Work and Life with What Truly Matters

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Do you find yourself grappling with overwhelming stress and anxiety in today's fast-paced working environment? Are you struggling to concentrate on important tasks and finding it difficult to juggle all the conflicting demands? Perhaps you're feeling consistently stressed and overwhelmed? Whether you're facing a critical life decision, seeking to replace unproductive habits, or preparing for a significant event that demands your peak performance – personalized coaching could be the key to enhancing your mental resilience and well-being.

Our modern dilemma – the overwhelm, the stress, the busy-ness, the constant distractions, and anxiety – leads to a lot of mental suffering. The three major crisis of our times- climate, health and political issues contribute to even more stress and anxiety for many. Mindfulness is a powerful tool that can help us live with greater calm, ease, and balance. When we practice mindfulness, we cultivate skills that are essential for our wellbeing: we learn to pay attention, calm down and feel more joyful. We make time for our own self-care in the midst of our busy days.

We will use mindfulness, positive neuroplasticity and coaching tools help you better deal with difficult feelings and thoughts, and to focus on what really matters to you. We will explore what gets in your way and what it is you need to cultivate in your mind so that you can flourish more in life and at work.

Objectives of coaching

Objectives of coaching

Coaching empowers you to take the reins of your life, enabling you to identify solutions that resonate with your unique needs and aspirations. It's a transformative journey that unlocks your full potential.

In our coaching sessions, we aim to help you achieve the following:

  • Recover from and Prevent Chronic Stress & Burnout: Regain control over your stress levels and develop strategies to prevent future burnout.
  • Prioritize Self-Care: Create space in your life for the things that truly matter to you, nurturing your physical and emotional well-being.
  • Establish a Better Work-Life Balance: Find equilibrium between your professional and personal life, fostering harmony and fulfilment.
  • Replace Unhealthy Habits with Helpful Ones: Identify and transform counterproductive behaviours into constructive practices.
  • Learn to Manage Your Energy and Emotions: Develop techniques for effectively managing your energy levels and emotions, ensuring greater resilience.
  • Enhance Focus and Performance: Sharpen your concentration and productivity to excel in your endeavours.
  • Cultivate Fulfilling Relationships: Develop the skills to engage with others more skilfully and form deeper, more meaningful connections.
  • Reduce Negative Thinking and Worry: Overcome negative thought patterns and alleviate unnecessary worry.
  • Improve Your Sleep: Establish healthier sleep patterns to promote overall well-being.
  • Practice Self-Kindness: Foster self-compassion and prioritize self-care as an essential part of your life.

Supervision and mentoring

Beate also provides supervision and mentoring for advanced meditators and teacher trainees. If you already have an existing mindfulness practice, one-on-one mentoring and coaching is a wonderful way to deepen your mindfulness journey and personal growth.

Mindfulness-based supervision establishes a safe place for you, as a Mindfulness teacher or teacher-in-training, to explore your teaching strengths as well as your challenges. It focuses not only on your teaching, but also on your personal mindfulness practice and how it impacts on your work and everyday life.

Mindfulness based Supervision can also support you in exploring and deepening your personal practice even if if you are not currently teaching.

Find our more about supervision via this link.

Professional ethics

At Brussels Mindfulness we adhere to certain rules of conduct with respect to the dignity and the rights of the client, to the responsibility as a coach, to competence and integrity. This means, among other things, that what is discussed with the end client in the sessions will never be shared with third parties such as the employer, unless the end client has given explicit permission to do so. You can find more information on this professional code of ethics on the website of the Belgian Commission of Psychologists.

Meet your Coach

Beate Trück, Founder Brussels Mindfulness

Mental coach, senior mindfulness and positive neuroplasticity teacher, supervisor and teacher trainer.

Beate Trück is an experienced mindfulness and positive neuroplasticity teacher, supervisor, and teacher trainer after having had a successful professional career in European affairs for 17 years. With extensive experience in both group and individual settings, Beate is a certified mindfulness (MBSR) and positive neuroplasticity trainer. As the head of our mindfulness teacher training program and the visionary founder of Brussels Mindfulness, Beate integrates positive neuroplasticity principles into her coaching, empowering clients to cultivate new resources for personal growth.  Find out more about Beate here.

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  • 50 minute sessions, preferably online via Zoom (also possible to offer inperson coaching upon request and at additional cost) 
  • After an initial free intake you are invited to book 3 sessions in a batch if you like our approach
  • We also offer executive coaching for companies. Please contact us for more information
  • Languages: English, German, French and Dutch (some understanding of Spanish and Italian)

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We believe that mindfulness skills can make this world a better place, not only because it helps to improve individual wellbeing, but also because it leads to wiser choices and more kindness in this world. Our team of international certified mindfulness and yoga teachers has extensive experience at the work place and can train in English, Dutch, German and French. 

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