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Teacher of mindfulness, self-compassion and positive neuroplasticity

My journey with mindfulness began for the first time in 2005. Since then, mindfulness and self-compassion have helped me to ground, reconnect to myself and life and to be more present.

I am a teacher of mindfulness, self-compassion and positive neuroplasticity. My approach is to share with others the practice of embracing life as it is with its ‘ten thousands sorrows and ten thousands joys’. Previous participants have commented that they appreciate the warmth and enthusiasm that I bring to my sessions.

I enjoy being out in nature, and I have a special interest in kindness, inclusiveness and belonging, using mindfulness and self-compassion to create an environment where we can grow and thrive.

The background of a master’s degree in social sciences, as well as a postgraduate degree in mindfulness based approaches align well with my qualifications as a compassion informed therapist and solution-focused family counselor. I have also worked as a coach in several organisations, with group programs and individual coaching offered in Dutch and English.

I am a certified mindfulness trainer, co-founder of the Belgian Association for Mindfulness Professionals and have taught mindfulness for the I AM Institute and mindfulness for children for Eline Snel.  I am also an authorised positive neuroplasticity teacher and accredited member of the association for PNT teachers, and VVDO (organization for solution focused practitioners).  

Many wonderful international teachers and people have been inspired me along the way and it brings me happiness to practice together both in sanghas and in professional consultation groups.

Watch the video below to find out more from Kirsten about how mindfulness, self-compassion and positive neuroplasticity have come together in a unique way for her.

Kirsten Victor