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Senior Mindfulness, Compassion, and PNT Teacher

I have a master’s degree in social sciences, and a postgraduate degree in mindfulness based approaches. I am a compassion informed therapist and qualified as a solution-focused family counselor. I have worked as a coach in several organisations.

I am a certified mindfulness trainer and co-founder of the Belgian Association for Mindfulness Professionals. I taught mindfulness for the I AM Institute and mindfulness for children for Eline Snel.

I attend retreats regularly and co-facilitate a mindful family group to deepen my practice.

I am an authorised positive neuroplasticity teacher and accredited member of the association for PNT teachers, and VVDO (organization for solution focused practitioners).  

I encountered mindfulness for the first time in 2005. Since then, mindfulness helped me to ground, reconnect to myself and life and to be more present. After practicing for a few years, I noticed that I was still quite demanding of myself. I started practising self-compassion and learned to love myself as an ever-learning human being. On my path as a mindfulness practitioner and teacher I learned to embrace my own suffering and difficulties, to accept that stumbling and falling is a part of the journey, and to trust that others, too, will find their way.

I partake in ongoing professional development with a special focus on self-compassion, positive neuroplasticity and embodiment.

I studied with international teachers such as Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Florence Meleo Meyer, Saki Santorelli, Daniel Siegel, Rick Hanson, Kristin Neff, Chris Germer, Paul Gilbert, David Treleaven, Shari Geller, Marta Alonso, Ben Weinstein, Ann Biasetti, Lorraine Hobbs, Brene Brown and others …, with Thich Nhat Hanh and community and Pema Chodron, with Flemish/Dutch teachers David Dewulf, Edel Maex, Bjorn Prins, Frits Koster, Eline Snel, Inge De Leeuw… I had a chance to meet wonderful people and I am happy to practice together both in sangha’s and professional consultation groups.

Above all, I am a mother of two wonderful teenagers, who give me chances to be kind and patient every day. Mindfulness helps me to offer safety, presence and connection in difficult times, and to enjoy life and growing our strengths together.

I like walking on the beach, spending time with my family and cat, cooking, dancing, yoga,…

I offer group programs as well as individual coaching in Dutch and English.

Kirsten Victor