Senior Mindfulness and Compassion Teacher

As a mother of two children, now teenagers, I’m very interested in mindfulness for families, and offer programs for adults, children and teens.

I encountered mindfulness for the first time when I attended an 8 week program in 2005. After practicing for a few years, I noticed that I was still quite demanding on myself. I took courses in self compassion with Kristin Neff and Chris Germer.  Thanks to self compassion I embraced my imperfections and learned to love myself as being an ever learning human being. On my path as a mindfulness practitioner and trainer I had honeymoon phases, fears and doubts, disillusionment, acceptance, growth, and gratitude. By embracing my own suffering and difficulties, and accepting that stumbling and falling is a part of the journey, I can support others on their mindfulness-journey and trust that they to will find their way.

As a part of this life long learning, I completed a 2 year- postgraduate on mindfulness based intervention 2011, and teacher-training mindfulness for children in 2012.

I was certified as a trainer in the positive neuroplasticity program by Rick Hanson in 2018, and also as a mindful self compassion trainer by the Center for Self compassion with Christopher Germer. I’m also taking a therapy-course in solution- focused therapy (4 years)

I go on retreats regularly, mostly at the EIAB, one of Thich Nhat Hanh’s retreat centres, and I am part of and co-lead a weekly mindful parents practice group.

Up until now I worked as a counselor, and have a masters degree in social sciences and a bachelor degree in family sciences.

My goal is to cultivate and spread mindfulness, self-compassion and happiness in the world.

Kirsten Victor