Feel like you could use some self-care?  Join us for our next in-person Day of Nourishment on 16 April.

  • I really enjoyed the mindfulness course! I can recommend it to anyone interested in mindfulness. The course is very well structured and lead in a very pleasant but at the same time professional way. I did the course with Beate and I really liked her style! If you are curious or interested, go for it… And Enjoy !

    Course Participant

  • es, I highly recommend Brussels Mindfulness. The teachers and approach were the right balance of providing a conceptual understanding, hands-on practice, and personal and peer reflections and dialogue to understand and integrate what we learned into what we do and who we are! The impact has been immediate and keeps on giving - it is an investment that positively affects the foundation of self & holistic well-being.

    participant from a multinational
  • I m a fan ? I discovered Brussels Mindfulness back in 2018 when followed an intense version of the 8 week mindfulness course with Steve . And now I followed an online course on Fear and Uncertainty, again with Steve. I really liked the course as it was based not only on mindfulness practices but also psychology. Steve is a very knowledgeable trainer !! it was also so easy to follow the course online. I didn't have to travel anywhere ? and the effect was as from a real life course .

    Participant mindfulness course
  • The positive neuroplasticity course brought me much more benefit than I ever expected! In addition to the 8-weeks Mindfulness course, this has been a superb addition on my mindfulness journey. I must say that, when I started my first course in October 2019, I never thought I would be able to commit to 20 mins of daily meditation practice... And in the end, I have been meditating on a daily basis for more than five months now!!! A drastic change in my habits and a very positive influence on my general morale. Thank you, Beate, for all the energy and professionalism you put in these courses. We students absorb all the good and try to share it and spread the word. I am glad I chose the right time to take the two courses, because it means I now have a very useful toolbox handy for me to cope and face this stressful and unusual crisis.

    Course participant
  • I really enjoyed the mindfulness course! I can recommend it to anyone interested in mindfulness. The course is very well structured and lead in a very pleasant but at the same time professional way. I did the course with Beate and I really liked her style! If you are curious or interested, go for it… And Enjoy !

    Participant mindfulness course
  • Helpful and interesting lessons with a teacher who is sensitive and very sympathetic :)

    Participant from an NGO
  • Great professional team to learn and evolve on my mindfulness path !

    Participant mindfulness course
  • A very professional team with human intentions, lots of material to follow through and great communication. Highly recommended!

    Participant from a mutlinational
  • If you are looking for the best mindfulness course, look no further. Brussels Mindfulness offers the best courses - but also a space for meeting fantastic people and start a journey together. Totally recommended.

    Participant mindfulness course
  • I was one of the first students of the Brussels Mindfulness and the course came at the exact time for me. I was overwhelmed and stressed. The course helped me immensely by giving me the tools to focus on what is really important for me. I had been struggling with meditation for years without success. Brussels Mindfulness taught me easy and effective ways to get into meditation and to get immediate benefits from short practices: as short as a minute a day! Over the years, I have also joined retreats, like silence days, which allowed me to understand better how my mind and body work. At whatever level of your journey you are, the courses and retreats will help you along the way.

    Participant mindfulness course
  • If everybody would follow Mindfulness courses, the world would be a much better place!

    Participant mindfulness course
  • I enjoyed the course and fund the the exercises truly valuable and healing. I am determined to continue to consciously counter the negativity bias of my brain with everything I have learned :-).

  • I can truly say that the course improved my quality of life and taught me tools that will help me for a lifetime. I like that I have learned a method to soothe old pains a little more, without diving into them completely. I have also learned techniques that make me braver in a playful way. The course creates new opportunities in areas I previously got stuck on. I am more frequently aware of reacting automatically out of stress and then choose to calm down first and look at what I really want.

  • My studio will never exist without Mindfulness and the MBSR training. Your support during this journey was priceless.

  • I really appreciated the hands-on practical element of the training. It gave me opportunity to really dip my toes in, while in the safety of the group. The connections developed with others in the training continue after graduation and have seemed essential to me – in a sense a community in which we can help each other with resources, ideas and support.

    Lorinda Brinton, course participant
  • Signing up for the teacher training with Brussels Mindfulness was one of the best decisions I’ve made, both personally and professionally. The retreat-like modules were deep and nourishing, my peer group kept me on track and gave me the confidence to start teaching, and my pilot course helped me realise how much I had learnt and how good it feels to share these practices with others. Since completing my pilot course in 2021, I’ve shared mindfulness practices with more than 100 people in my organisation and I hope to reach many more. I couldn’t have done this on my own and I feel deep gratitude to my teachers and peers for their support. I can’t recommend the training enough. Even if you’re not 100% sure you want to teach, I would invite you to consider it as a means of deepening your own practice and for the sense of community, both during and after the training.

    Steve D, course participant
  • I am so happy to get my certification but most of all grateful to all the experience and learning process that this path was for me.

    Araceli, course participant
  • The Day of Nourishment was a surprising gift for me, a day of taking care for myself and recharging my batteries. The silence and the meditations helped me get centered in what is essential to me.

    Ingrid, Participant, Day of Nourishment
  • The atmosphere was very nice and calming and the teacher was excellent.

    Participant, Day of Nourishment
  • The silence retreat was a perfect experience for me. The nice location, the great food, the guided meditations by Steve and Jessica, the beautiful surroundings and the energy within the group allowed me to slow down in no-time and recharge. For me this was the first mindfulness retreat and I really enjoyed the teaching and practices in self-compassion and heart-fullness.

    Participant, Heartfulness Retreat
  • I appreciated every aspects of the retreat and its participants who were very mature patient open curious kind and caring who created very warm and safe environment to practice. Steve is an excellent teacher and who is experienced compassionate and patient. He shared with us his experiences and wide range of knowledge. Lovely location and beautiful garden which are well maintained and cared. The cook is amazing person and wonderful cook. She is very kind and pleasant to talk to and to work with during karma yoga time.

    Participant, Heartfulness Retreat
  • It is a very welcome one day break when you can disconnect an entire day. I liked a lot how the day was structured. Thanks for the books reference dealing with acceptance, self-compassion, imperfection - great, inspiring topics.

    Participant, Day of Nourishment
  • I was very happy to have offered myself this course as I learned so much about mindfulness and how it impacts my life in general. Alena is an excellent trainer and shares very efficiently what she knows and she has such a desire to do so. The course was extremely well organized and Alena was very sensitive to the participants needs. Well done Brussels Mindfulness for your continued and future support and I hope to remain a member of your community.

    Participant, 8-week mindfulness course
  • A very good course, well organised and co-ordinated by Beate. Thanks a lot for her dedication, kindness, clarity and openness.

    Participant, 8-week PNT course
  • Steve is an excellent mindfulness teacher. He did a great job. He is deeply human and humble, always speaking from the heart. I appreciate him a lot.

    Participant, Heartfulness Retreat Fall 2021