• It was a great day to immerse yourself to get to know what mindfulness is or if you need to do more practice with other people. 

    Day of Nourishment participant
  • Each nourishment day allows me to re-connect with myself, and re-discover some mindfulness practice. It brings my mind to “now” and “here”. 

  • A Day of Nourishment really helps me to be in the moment and be grateful of my life and myself. It calms my mind and inner voice. 

    Hanne Vanheusden
  • Taking a day away from our busy life, our fast paced life, helps getting back to what is important: that is you! You are as important as everything else, if not more important than your job. No one can replace you in your life. 

  • This nourishment day helped me to refill my batteries, stop for a moment, immerse in mindful silence and see everything from different perspective. This day helped me to discover again how to explore difficulty and see until when I can accept it.  

  • The shift into retirement brought unexpected difficulties into my life. Despite a successful career, I found myself at home without hobbies or many social connections, leading to feelings of depression and a lack of vitality. However, after engaging in coaching sessions with Beate, things changed bit by bit. These sessions guided me toward discovering a new meaning in life, prompting me to explore new hobbies and social circles. Now, I feel significantly more fulfilled and content in this new chapter of my life.

  • I began coaching during a challenging period in my life, experiencing burnout after a tough situation at work. during covid and with two small children at home. Through this process, I gradually gained more self-assurance and learned to assert myself by setting boundaries—something entirely new for me. The coaching taught me that self-care goes beyond simple indulgences like massages and nature walks; it involves establishing limits. Now, I'm more attuned to my stress signals and have a newfound respect for my own boundaries.

  • 'Coaching with Beate is so valuable, and it feels a bit like having a conversation with your wiser future self. She is very insightful and kind, has a deep empathy and understanding, and a variety of tools depending on the situation at hand.'

  • This course  has changed my life! It has helped me to focus in the present moment without judging and has given me the chance to learn ways to do it such as meditation, body scan or yoga, among others. I highly recommend it.

    Participant mindfulness course
  • I greatly enjoyed the course and took away a lot of insights. The course helped me develop new perspectives and techniques to deal with everyday challenges of life and stress. Lorinda is a great teacher and I can fully recommend the course.

    Nathalie, participant mindfulness course
  • Overall a great experience. Its a great way to detach from daily life and do a digital detox, and to go deeper within yourself. I particularly liked connecting with the senses, being outside, deepening my practice and experiencing something new every time. I would recommend it to both beginners and more experienced meditators.

  • My aim was to practice again. This is what I did and I enjoyed it a lot. 

    Participant summer retreat 2023
  • This was my first mindfulness retreat and I found it was perfect for me - not too intense but definitely challenging. Highly recommended

    Retreat participant summer 2023
  • The retreat was a gift to myself, to find inner calm and peace and spend some quiet time away from day-to-day crazyness! It turned out this was one of the best gifts I made myself.

  • The training which we received on mindfulness and neuroplasticity has been transformational for our organisation and for us as individuals. It has helped us to be more discerning about our priorities, be more aware of our triggers and stressors, and to apply real techniques to reduce anxiety, build confidence and provide clarity for decisions to be taken. We are grateful to Beate and Brussels Mindfulness for accompanying our staff on a one-year learning journey with effects that last!

    Executive director, international non-profit organisation
  • Silence is a beautiful way of sharing, I did not expect to make friends without using words, but it happened :) .  Will definitely come back…

    Retreat participant
  • The (Dongelberg) location is beautiful, simple and close to nature; it helps you change perspective on what is really important, what it is that you actually need. Viannou’s cuisine (and kitchen) is a joy and a treat for the senses.

    Retreat participant
  • My first retreat and quite an experience.  A great team of teachers, kind, generous, mindful to the needs of the group. Beate is a mentor, knowledgeable, intuitive and flexible; she is very good at explaining the essence in a way that speaks to all and adapts the programme and meditations to the group dynamics.

    Summer retreat participant
  • I appreciated the introduction and explanation, also the sharing and group experience.

    Day of Nourishment participant
  • It was great to take some hours for myself and get in touch and in balance with myself and the world around me. I am more grounded and balanced. Thank you!

    Day of Nourishment participant
  • Thanks a lot for everything, for new habits and mindful practices, and great thanks to Viannou for the amazing food. It was a pleasure.

    Retreat participant
  • It feels great reconnecting with the retreat by watching all these pictures: beautiful nature, amazing tasty & colourful food, likeminded people …and resourcing silence. Thanks for organising such beautiful retreats and sharing your positive energy.

    Retreat participant
  • I really enjoyed the mindfulness course! I can recommend it to anyone interested in mindfulness. The course is very well structured and lead in a very pleasant but at the same time professional way. I did the course with Beate and I really liked her style! If you are curious or interested, go for it… And Enjoy !

    Course Participant

  • es, I highly recommend Brussels Mindfulness. The teachers and approach were the right balance of providing a conceptual understanding, hands-on practice, and personal and peer reflections and dialogue to understand and integrate what we learned into what we do and who we are! The impact has been immediate and keeps on giving - it is an investment that positively affects the foundation of self & holistic well-being.

    participant from a multinational
  • I m a fan ? I discovered Brussels Mindfulness back in 2018 when followed an intense version of the 8 week mindfulness course with Steve . And now I followed an online course on Fear and Uncertainty, again with Steve. I really liked the course as it was based not only on mindfulness practices but also psychology. Steve is a very knowledgeable trainer !! it was also so easy to follow the course online. I didn't have to travel anywhere ? and the effect was as from a real life course .

    Participant mindfulness course