• Excellent course and excellent teacher, all my expectations were fulfilled.

  • Great professional team to learn and evolve on my mindfulness path !

    Participant mindfulness course
  • High quality teachers and extraordinary communication and pedagogical tools (handbook, to-the-point emails, languages, knowledge..). Extraordinary mindfulness course which should be a must for everyone .... impossible not to like it! Mindfulness attitudes so much needed in hectic times.... and delicious raisins (you will find out why)!

  • After many years of searching, high & low and across several different places, courses & approaches, I can say with full confidence that the Positive Neuroplasticity course with the Brussels Mindfulness Institute IS IT. The best course & practice I have come across, in the broad field of mindfulness.

  • I was one of the first students of the Brussels Mindfulness and the course came at the exact time for me. I was overwhelmed and stressed. The course helped me immensely by giving me the tools to focus on what is really important for me. I had been struggling with meditation for years without success. Brussels Mindfulness taught me easy and effective ways to get into meditation and to get immediate benefits from short practices: as short as a minute a day! Over the years, I have also joined retreats, like silence days, which allowed me to understand better how my mind and body work. At whatever level of your journey you are, the courses and retreats will help you along the way.

    Participant mindfulness course
  • Thoroughly enjoyed this introduction to Mindfulness. Great trainer, location and group of like-minded people. Will definitely be returning for a refresher in the near future!

  • I’m so happy and fulfilled (with work ongoing / more progress to be made still, of course!) to have found & attended it. The practice has brought a measurable change for the better in my life, I very much feel, and has helped me enormously in dealing with anxiety, stress and (post-) burnout.

  • Mindfulness is a great tool to train our minds and I would recommend this course to everyone who is looking to add quality to their lives.

  • I was very happy to have offered myself this course as I learned so much about mindfulness and how it impacts my life in general. Alena is an excellent trainer and shares very efficiently what she knows and she has such a desire to do so. The course was extremely well organized and Alena was very sensitive to the participants needs. Well done Brussels Mindfulness for your continued and future support and I hope to remain a member of your community.

    Participant, 8-week mindfulness course
  • This course has given me the language and very useful basic tools to help me have a more positive attitude towards life. I can now better understand my basic needs in order to be happy and how I can take care of them.

  • I was very happy with the course and felt I was in very capable hands for my first course in meditation. I appreciated having an intensive course for practical reasons but would maybe like to also follow the more traditional 8 week one to have more time for exercising between sessions.

  • Thank you very much Beate; for a wonderful course. A wonderful simple and useful tool that has definitively helped me to look at life in a different more positive way.

  • If everybody would follow Mindfulness courses, the world would be a much better place!

    Participant mindfulness course
  • I highly recommend Brussels Mindfulness. The teachers and approach were the right balance of providing a conceptual understanding, hands-on practice, personal and peer reflections and dialogue to understand and integrate what we have learnt into what we do and who we are. The impact has been immediate and keeps on going- it is an investment that positively affects the foundation of self and holistic wellbeing.

  • I had been reading books about mindfulness and experimenting with apps and downloads but I could never really bring myself to actually applying it. After doing this course, I have a much better understanding of what mindfulness is, and I finally integrated it into my daily life. I feel much more relaxed and better able to cope with the stress of combining my job with young children.

  • I’m so happy and fulfilled to have found and attended this course. The practice has brought a measurable change for the better in my life, I very much feel, and has helped me enormously in dealing with anxiety, stress and (post-) burnout. Specifically, and on top of the daily practice, I loved the scientific findings of the course, and the rational(ist) approach at its core. Very solid stuff, with leads & links to additional reading which I have found both fascinating and practically applicable in my psychological & emotive pursuits. I would recommend it very highly indeed!

  • The 8-week programme was a real eye opener. I loved the coach as well as the group. Everything was done in an atmosphere of compassion and understanding. I feel like now I have this big toolbox that I can keep developing and digging into whenever I face difficult or stressful situations.

  • Read a complete report about the 8-week course by a participant here.

  • A very good course, well organised and co-ordinated by Beate. Thanks a lot for her dedication, kindness, clarity and openness.

    Participant, 8-week PNT course
  • Thank you again for the excellent 8-week mindfulness course!!! It was amazing and helped me so much more in finding balance, calm and building resilience in these special times than I expected. I will continue this journey.

  • If you are looking for the best mindfulness course, look no further. Brussels Mindfulness offers the best courses - but also a space for meeting fantastic people and start a journey together. Totally recommended.

    Participant mindfulness course
  • I m a fan ? I discovered Brussels Mindfulness back in 2018 when followed an intense version of the 8 week mindfulness course with Steve . And now I followed an online course on Fear and Uncertainty, again with Steve. I really liked the course as it was based not only on mindfulness practices but also psychology. Steve is a very knowledgeable trainer !! it was also so easy to follow the course online. I didn't have to travel anywhere ? and the effect was as from a real life course .

    Participant mindfulness course