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Certified mindfulness teacher

After a nervous breakdown at the age of twenty, I began to question who I really was and why I reacted to the world the way I did. This was the beginning of a lifelong process of self-examination and a journey to my inner self. I started practicing zazen, sitting Zen meditation, and have never stopped since.

Over the years I learned to stay in the moment, to be in myself, to be aware of myself and my surroundings. It wasn't until my children were born that I felt the wish to share my practice and the benefits it had brought me. I trained as a systemic coach (2013-16 at Migge Seminars, Minden), a mindfulness teacher (2021-23 at Brussels Mindfulness) and a systemic therapist (2020-24 at the Gregory Bateson Institute, Paris). After a lifelong career as a musician, sound engineer and producer in the field of classical music, I am now focusing more and more on my work on the field of mental health and well-being.

There are many reasons for not feeling well - external ones such as stress in everyday life, at work, in the family, the double burden of caring for children or parents alongside work, conflicts with colleagues or in the family, or fear of an uncertain future, global warming, pandemics, war... Or internal, such as chronic pain, sleep disorders, lack of stress management...

Mindfulness can be a powerful way to face the challenges in our lives, connect with our inner wisdom and develop the ability to reduce suffering and increase well-being. Like anything in life, it doesn't come naturally, it takes practice. It is a great inner fulfilment and enrichment for me to share and pass on my experience in this practice.

I teach in English, French and German.

Rainer Arndt