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Senior Mindfulness Teacher; teacher trainer

 I discovered yoga in 2000 and I was touched by the profoundness of it, and by the benefits & changes it brought to my life.

After a 2-year expatriation in India in 2008-2009, where I was exposed to the depth of yoga, I decided to change my professional life, after a 15-year career in business.

With the desire to deepen and share with others, I attended a 4-year Yoga Teacher Training in Belgium with Thierry Van Brabant, and started teaching in 2011.

In 2012, I followed the 1st 2-year MBSR Teacher Training at University of Brussels lead by Claude Maskens and Fabienne Bauwens, and started guiding MBSR programs in 2014 - both to individuals and organisations. 

Since 2017, after a teacher training given by Florence Meleo Meyer (Center for Mindfulness) and Phyllis Hicks (Metta Foundation), I'm offering the Interpersonal Mindfulness program.

Since 2019 I am  part of the teacher trainers team for Brussels Mindfulness as well as for the MBSR teacher training at ULB (in French).

You can find more information about me at sandrinerauter.be

Sandrine Rauter