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Our Vision: Mindfulness for a Kinder World

Working with an international audience

We believe that mindfulness skills can make this world a better place, not only because it helps to improve individual wellbeing, but also because on a wider level it leads to wiser choices and more kindness in this world.

We specifically choose to work with the international community in Brussels, and also welcome people with an international mindset living elsewhere in Europe and beyond.

Not only because expats face specific challenges that can make life extra stressful. But also because people working in the international institutions, all the organisations surrounding these institutions and the many international companies in Brussels, have a concrete and significant impact on the daily life of millions of Europeans.

We ourselves reflect the community we serve: our trainers have different nationalities and many of us are - or have been - expats ourselves. We have been working with mindfulness in the international community for years.




Contributing to a bigger purpose

Every day, important decisions are being taken by the people we work with. On a personal, and also political and economic level. Through offering mindfulness we want to contribute to better mental health and well-being, so these decisions can be taken from a wider perspective of clarity, wisdom and kindness, rather than from the tunnel vision of stress, fear or exhaustion. 

In our work there is a deliberate continuum from individual to organisation and ultimately to the society as a whole. If mindfulness is an enabler for greater understanding, compassion, wisdom and responsiveness, we seek to cultivate mindfulness within key actors of society such as companies, public organisations and schools.




You can discover more videos with our mindfulness teachers on our youtube channel.


Being professionals

For our programmes we partner with the Oxford University Mindfulness Centre and other leading mindfulness centres around the world, using curricula that are scientifically validated and whose benefits are well understood.

All our teachers are certified mindfulness trainers and members of professional mindfulness teacher organisations. We continue to train and deepen our mindfulness practice with leading mindfulness teachers and yearly retreats and we adhere to the ethical conduct code of our profession.

To be able to contribute to a bigger purpose and serve our community well, we reach out and seek to “meet people where they are”. This means making mindfulness relevant to the specific context of our participants, using plain English and being respectful of people’s time and commitments.


Embodying mindfulness

We seek to embody mindfulness in our own lives and in our work, remembering our intention to serve our community and our values.

We strive to be open to everyone regardless of nationality, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or financial means.

And above all we are open and willing to enter a dialogue, knowing that everything changes and evolves, including our understanding of what it means to be mindful.

To sum it up, teaching mindfulness is not just what we do but who we are.



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Become a certified mindfulness teacher


Brussels Mindfulness offers a comprehensive 2-year mindfulness teacher training programme in English with leading international teachers.

Meet our graduates who have successfully completed their teacher training:


Jessica EvsenCeline GazaElena ProkhorovaBarbara HelfferichAlena ReisingerSilke LalvaniMihaela Thuring, Niels Piette

Lise Skinnebach.



We choose locations that reflect our values and work with a mindset of care and concern for their clients and the environment. 

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We will use your donation to provide discounts for people with financial difficulties, to further develop content free of charge and to offer mindfulness in schools. 

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