Stress resilience

Do you feel overwhelmed with all that is going on in your life?

Do you feel worried and stressed about the uncertainty you are surrounded by?

You are not alone. Chronic stress is a condition most people with busy lives struggle with. For many, a clear mind and inner peace are a distant dream. The worst thing is that you get used to it. You start thinking that being stressed is normal, that this is how it should be. It is not. A busy life with many responsibilities should not necessarily make you suffer. 

Unfortunately, most of us don’t know how to deal with stress effectively. It is perfectly possible to learn to handle the challenging situations life puts you through better – and to live a happier life, focused on the things that truly matter. With the recent unprecedented challenges after the pandemic, many of us worldwide feel additionally disturbed and unsettled.

This has to do with our survival instinct: when our brain detects a threat, which can just be a worrying thought, it releases the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, triggering a survival mechanism in our body. The digestive system gets put on hold, blood goes to the bigger muscles, pupils are dilated, hearing gets sharper – in short: we are in high alert and ready to run or fight.

This fight or flight mechanism is very useful when it comes to a life threating situation, but unfortunately our brain cannot differentiate between a real life threat and a worry in our head. It will trigger the same mechanism for negative thoughts and worries.

If our attention rests a lot on worrying news, chances are high that we spend most of our time in this alert state, which is deteriorating for our body and mind. On a longer term, it can lead to burnout, depression or anxiety disorder.

Mindfulness can help you stay sane in these difficult times

It is therefore more important than ever to cultivate mental resources to help you face these new challenges. Mindfulness can help you feel less stressed and increase your resilience towards everything life sends your way.

In our courses we teach tools to ground yourself, to be kinder to yourself and to shift your mind to the positive, even when the world is flashing red.