• 'Coaching with Beate is so valuable, and it feels a bit like having a conversation with your wiser future self. She is very insightful and kind, has a deep empathy and understanding, and a variety of tools depending on the situation at hand.'

  • I began coaching during a challenging period in my life, experiencing burnout after a tough situation at work. during covid and with two small children at home. Through this process, I gradually gained more self-assurance and learned to assert myself by setting boundaries—something entirely new for me. The coaching taught me that self-care goes beyond simple indulgences like massages and nature walks; it involves establishing limits. Now, I'm more attuned to my stress signals and have a newfound respect for my own boundaries.

  • The shift into retirement brought unexpected difficulties into my life. Despite a successful career, I found myself at home without hobbies or many social connections, leading to feelings of depression and a lack of vitality. However, after engaging in coaching sessions with Beate, things changed bit by bit. These sessions guided me toward discovering a new meaning in life, prompting me to explore new hobbies and social circles. Now, I feel significantly more fulfilled and content in this new chapter of my life.