For people who cannot commit to a course over a longer period right now, our workshops are an ideal way to start or deepen their practice. We offer workshops on various topics such as mindful parenting, self-care, sleep and burnout. Feel free to check out our offering below or in our agenda.

Introduction workshops and happy hours

We understand that immediately signing up for an 8-week mindfulness course without prior experience with this practice may feel a little overwhelming. If you would like to have a first taster of our mindfulness offerings, we invite you to try our introduction workshops or mindful happy hours. This will also enable you to meet the teacher of your course and to ask all the questions you might have.

Introduction workshops and happy hours

While the workshops provide an introduction into a topic and outline the features of an upcoming course, the happy hours are meant to help you maintain or boost your practice and to meet like-minded meditators. It is a great way to take a pause in company of like-minded people and to maintain or deepen your practice.

About us

We believe that mindfulness skills can make this world a better place, not only because it helps to improve individual wellbeing, but also because it leads to wiser choices and more kindness in this world. Our team of international certified mindfulness and yoga teachers has extensive experience at the work place and can train in English, Dutch, German and French. 

Learn more about our vision, meet our team and check out our beautiful locations.

  • Beate Trück
  • Jake Dartington
  • Lot Heijke
  • Heather Gorham
  • Alena Reisinger
  • Steve Savels
  • Silke Lalvani
  • Berenice Boxler
  • Evelyn Rodtmann
  • Yvonne Tuinte
  • Sandrine Rauter
  • Katrien Maes
  • Kirsten Victor
  • Lyuba Byessonova
  • Isabelle Hoberg