Terms and conditions


Brussels Mindfulness is the exclusive contracting party for all services performed by its trainers, employees and/or appointees. Brussels Mindfulness is a civil company that has taken the form of a private company with limited liability (bvba / sprl).

Invoices sent by Brussels Mindfulness to clients have to be paid immediately upon receipt of the invoice. If the invoice is not paid within 1 month from receipt, Brussels Mindfulness is authorised to charge, in addition to the principal amount, the statutory interest and an additional fixed payment of 10% of the principal amount to cover the administrative costs.

The legal relationship between Brussels Mindfulness and its clients is governed by Belgian law. Disputes shall be settled by the courts of Brussels.

Cancellation and refunds

You are entitled to a full refund within 14 days after you made your order through the online registration and payment process, unless the activity has already started. Please contact us by email on info@brusselsmindfulness.be to ask for a refund within this period.

No refunds will be given if you wish to cancel your participation after the initial 14 days after purchase.

Only in cases of proven illness or force majeure, you can postpone your participation to a next similar course, retreat or workshop, in agreement with the organiser, Brussels Mindfulness.

An administrative fee of 75 € will be charged for any such postponing. In case of an activity with accommodation and/or catering, if costs for accommodation and/or catering have already been made, these will be charged.

It is possible for someone else to participate in your place. In that case you should contact the organiser of the course, retreat or workshop with the contact details of the person replacing you, at least 48 hours prior to the course, retreat or workshop. The organiser reserves the right not to accept the participation of the person that is proposed.

The organiser reserves the right to cancel the course, retreat or workshop if there are less than 8 participants 7 days before the start of the course, retreat or workshop.

In the case of the cancellation of a course, retreat or workshop by the organiser a full refund will be granted.

For the 8-week mindfulness programme, which is organised in parallel on different days per week, in case of cancellation by the organiser of one of the different days, the participants registered for the day in question will be invited to join one of the other days. If this is not possible for the participant, a full refund will be granted. The cancellation of one of the parallel days does not entitle participants who registered for the other day to a refund.

If you forget to use a discount code during the registration and payment process, the difference cannot be refunded.


Switching between sessions

For the 8-week mindfulness course, you register for one of the parallel courses, but if at any time during the course you need to switch to another day in a particular week, you have the right to do so. It is asked that you are present as much as possible on the day you have originally registered for, in order to keep the groups as stable as possible.

For organisational reasons it is not possible to switch permanently to another group, once the course has started.


Conditions for participation

By agreeing with these terms and conditions, you acknowledge that the courses, retreats or workshops organised by Brussels Mindfulness are not intended as a substitute for any medical or psychological treatment by a medical doctor or psychotherapist.

If you are currently suffering, or have suffered in the past from any psychological condition (e.g. depression, psychosis, …), it is your responsibility to decide, together with a medical doctor or with a qualified psychotherapist, whether you are apt to participate in the course, workshop or retreat.

If necessary, the trainers at Brussels Mindfulness are willing to give you more information in order to assist you with this decision, but we decline any responsibility regarding the assessment of your psychological condition.