Meditations by our teachers

Instructions for use

Below, you will find guided meditations, recorded by our teachers. We will add new meditations regularly.
Please consider attending an 8-week mindfulness course or another activity for beginners such as our mindful happy hour or retreats to learn how to meditate under the guidance of an experienced teacher. You can find our upcoming activities by clicking this link
We have also prepared a guide on how to meditate with some practical tips and advice on how to deal with difficulties in meditation. You can find the free download here
You can:
  • Play the guided meditations directly on your computer or mobile device: simply click the play button and it will start playing.
  • Download them on your computer or mobile device (depending on the type of mobile device): click the download icon in the top right corner of the box.

We recommended to download the files so you can use them anywhere and at any time without having to be connected to the internet. Enjoy!

If you wish to listen to some teaching you can also find the Dharma talks of our teacher Jake Dartington on this website or register for his online Dharma talks. 


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You can find more guided meditations on our free podcast: