Free Online Workshop: Building new wholesome and long lasting habits


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Free Online Workshop: Building new wholesome and long lasting habits

18 September from 10.00 to 11.30 CET, Online via zoom with Beate Trück

Welcome to an interactive online workshop designed to guide you in building new, wholesome habits and transitioning from overwhelm to a life filled with purpose and awareness. This session serves as a preview for our upcoming Life Shift Course commencing on 2 October 2024. 

Take back control over your life

Stress is an inevitable part of the human experience, driving positive change when managed well. However, when stress becomes overwhelming, finding balance is crucial. This workshop empowers you to reclaim peace and calm, align with your true values, and cultivate wholesome habits that last.

Take back control over your life

About the Workshop

This introductory session, tailored for those with some experience in mindfulness and/or positive neuroplasticity, provides practical tools to live more in alignment with what truly matters. The workshop combines teaching, practice, and sharing to give you a taste of the upcoming transformative Life Shift Course and the positive neuroplasticity course. 

What You'll Discover in this workshop

  • How to step out of stress and overwhelm
  • Building mental strengths and cultivating habits for a purposeful life
  • The live-changing method of encouraging motivation
  • Insights into how to making new habits stick 
  • Practical tools and practices to change your mindset
  • Skilfully overcoming mental blocks
  • Details about our upcoming Life shift course starting on 2 October

Workshop Highlights

Engage in a dynamic mix of teaching, practical exercises, and shared experiences. Through exercises and meditations, gain new perspectives on handling life's challenges, acquiring immediate insights and techniques.

The workshop also offers a sneak peek into our Life Shift course with Beate, starting on October 2 2024. Whether you have questions, want to share experiences, or simply listen, you are welcome as you are!

Meet the Teacher

Certified trauma-sensitive mindfulness and positive neuroplasticity teacher Beate Trück

Beate Trück is a certified trauma-sensitive mindfulness and positive neuroplasticity teacher. As an MBSR teacher and authorized positive neuroplasticity method instructor, she brings a wealth of experience. Beate is also a member of the international positive neuroplasticity network led by Dr. Rick Hanson and has received training as a trauma-sensitive teacher and supervisor.

Meet the Teacher


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Embark on a journey towards greater peace and purpose. You are welcome just as you are!

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