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Listen to your inner voice and find your real New Year's resolutions

At the beginning of the new year, it's almost inevitable that you think of some good intentions. Even if you don't really believe in them. Because you know from experience that by mid-January you may have already let go of most of them.

Maybe you have noticed as well how you always seem to recycle the same kind of resolutions: do more sports, eat healthier, see your friends more often.

The problem with these intentions is that they often remain very vague. So vague that anything more concrete that comes along - time pressure, tiredness, a new attractive Netflix series - grabs your attention much more easily, and you just forget about your good resolutions.

Also, they may just be things that you know or think you should do, but not something you truly and deeply long for. 

What if this year, you could find some resolutions that really resonate with you?

Meditation is an excellent way to get in touch with your true intentions. With what truly matters to you. In meditation you don't make the intellectual exercise of listing good intentions, but you let things become quiet and you listen to the inner voice of wisdom. You can start with small steps, a few minutes per day and increase it bit by bit. You can find meditations of different lengths on our meditation page and discover what suits you best at this moment in time. there is no pressure to start with 30 minutes per day; a few minutes already make a big difference. 

We are happy to share a guided meditation with you that we recorded at our Day of Mindfulness on the 29th of December. It is called the "Stream of Awareness". Take half an hour to sit or lie down in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed and let yourself be guided into the past, present and future. Let yourself be surprised by what comes up.

Download the meditation here.