2-Part Workshop: Beginning Anew
26/01/23 till 2/02/23


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Online 2-Part Workshop: Beginning anew - how to start the year with purpose and intention

Online 2-part workshop course, on January 26th & February 2nd, 2023, from 19.30 - 21.30 CET

with mindfulness teacher Berenice Boxler

Whatever your condition or your experiences in the past months, a new year usually brings along this spark of new beginning, freshness, and energy. You may have noticed in former years, though, that not all new year resolutions can be maintained in long term – probably almost none. Why is that? And how can we find some new clarity and purpose to really form a thread to follow throughout the year?

Certainly, mindfulness teaches us to experience each moment and each day with the same openness and wakefulness, no matter if it is a Sunday, a working day or New Year’s Eve. Our daily life, however, is so tied to the calendar and to routines and rituals, that usually there is a felt difference.

We will use the start of the new year to pause and to reflect on what is truly important and stabilizing. What keeps you going? What brings you energy? Where do you want and need to focus on? What inner qualities will be helpful in your life and in your current state of being?

In this 2-part workshop we will connect to the inner compass and get access to your purpose and intention for the year. We will find strategies to strengthen the inner qualities that you need to come back to your purpose again and again, whenever you have fallen off track.

For whom?

This workshop is suitable for beginners as well as for practitioners of mindfulness. If you are interested in connecting deeper to your purpose and intention for each day and each moment, then you are very welcome to join this interactive and nourishing workshop. We will evaluate, reflect, meditate, discuss, and learn from each other.

In this workshop you will learn to:

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Connect to your inner compass and purpose
  • Discover your intentions for your current life
  • Strengthen the inner qualities that you need to stay connected to your purpose and intentions
  • Feel more connected to yourself and your needs
  • Grow more confident in aligning your everyday life to your inner compass

What to expect

  • Guided meditations and reflections
  • Teaching on the brain and its habits to lose connection and focus
  • Teaching on the difference between needs and strategies and how to use this knowledge to create your very own inner compass
  • Time to discuss, exchange and practice together and individually
  • Time to reflect and integrate the teaching on your own in the week between the two sessions
  • A certified and experienced mindfulness teacher
The teacher

The teacher

Mindfulness teacher Berenice Boxler

Berenice is a certified as MBSR-teacher and has further specialized in mindful communication and mindfulness for parents and teachers. She is particularly interested in bringing mindfulness off the cushion into everyday life and to meet life as it is, with as much presence, openness, and kindness as possible. She is an experienced mindfulness teacher, and participants like her warm and calming style.


The fee is 119 (incl. VAT).

This includes the following:

  • 2 sessions of 2 hours
  • An elaborate handout
  • A set of guided meditations, available for life

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The workshop will take place online, via the platform Zoom.

The teaching language is English.

A recording will be available in case of a missed session.

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If you want to discuss something directly with the teacher, you can contact Berenice Boxler via info@being-mindful.lu.

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