Having obtained Master’s degrees in Languages and European Affairs, I used to work in leading positions at various international associations in Brussels. However, combining a stressful job with a lot of traveling and two small children led to a serious burn-out several years ago. At this low point in my life, mindfulness provided me with an opportunity to approach life differently than ever before. I learnt that I had been functioning on autopilot for most of my life and that I had been hardly aware of my personal needs. It helped me to take decisions that connect to my deeper values and made me understand when to take action and when to let go. Upon my recovery, I decided to reach out and help others to better deal with stress and lead a more fulfilled life.

I have been trained as a mindfulness trainer (MBSR) at Arbor Seminare in Germany and the Flemish Institute for Attention and Mindfulness (I AM) and have subsequently studied intensely with international teachers such as Jon Kabat-Zinn, Christina Feldman, Chris Cullen, Mark Williams, Edel Maex, Florence Meleo-Meyer, John Peacock, and Rick Hanson. I also have been trained as a teacher for mindfulness at school by the Mindfulness at School Project in London (teach paws programme).

Given my background in European Affairs, I focus primarily on the European Institutions, especially the European Commission and the European Parliament, where I have been given trainings for several years. I teach in English, German, French and Dutch. I am also officially certified by the Belgian association for mindfulness trainers, vzw MOMENT.

I am a German national, married to a Belgian. When I’m at home, I enjoy playing music with my two sons.


Working languages: English, French, Dutch and German.