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  • The silence retreat was a perfect experience for me. The nice location, the great food, the guided meditations by Steve and Jessica, the beautiful surroundings and the energy within the group allowed me to slow down in no-time and recharge. For me this was the first mindfulness retreat and I really enjoyed the teaching and practices in self-compassion and heart-fullness.

    Participant, Heartfulness Retreat
  • I attended a 5-day summer retreat with Brussels Mindfulness and I really felt that I deepened my commitment to my mindfulness practice even more. It was a beautiful location in the middle of nature and we were able to attend an intense programme of different mindfulness practices throughout the 5 days. The teachers and the group were very kind and supportive and I felt very well taken care of during the whole stay. Thank you, Brussels Mindfulness team!

  • Steve is an excellent mindfulness teacher. He did a great job. He is deeply human and humble, always speaking from the heart. I appreciate him a lot.

    Participant, Heartfulness Retreat Fall 2021
  • The (Dongelberg) location is beautiful, simple and close to nature; it helps you change perspective on what is really important, what it is that you actually need. Viannou’s cuisine (and kitchen) is a joy and a treat for the senses.

    Retreat participant
  • This retreat is a wonderful opportunity to nourish and clean your mind. You reflect on your basic mental needs and concerns and are provided with a number of tools so that you can reach greater peace of mind and alleviate any unnecessary suffering. The idea is not to forget all this when you are confronted with your real-life situations. It is a never ending journey... wonderful. And there is an omnipresent kindness and support. Thank you.

  • A 5-day silent retreat is an excellent way to deepen one's meditation practise and push the reset button. Sometimes it is not always an easy experience but the Brussels Mindfulness staff provides excellent support to guide you through. I thoroughly recommend their retreats, which are extremely well organised

  • I liked the relaxed attitude of the meditation sessions…
    I liked the walking meditation and the tree being grounded and flexible at the top…
    I liked the crunchy noise of the ground as we stepped on apples...
    I liked the noise of the silence while we were eating…
    I liked the feeling of the group looking at each other and smiling away in the silence…
    I liked the sounds of the bells sometimes with vengeance and sometimes with love…
    I liked the walk in the open looking for beauty...
    I liked the fact that we got lost...
    I liked the clarity with which Beate explained herself…
    I liked her ease and dignity…
    I liked the karma yogis doing their part with so much spontaneity...
    I liked the ambiance of the Ayurvedic massage… and Katriens elegance…
    I liked the hands on approach of the poems…
    I liked the few bees that visited us now and then to stop us from relishing the food too much…
    And above all I liked the food the efforts behind it and not to forget the gentle the positivity she showed while preparing it.
    Thank you for a lovely unforgettable weekend with so much action and so much inaction.

    Ajit Mehta, retreat participant
  • It feels great reconnecting with the retreat by watching all these pictures: beautiful nature, amazing tasty & colourful food, likeminded people …and resourcing silence. Thanks for organising such beautiful retreats and sharing your positive energy.

    Retreat participant
  • My first retreat and quite an experience.  A great team of teachers, kind, generous, mindful to the needs of the group. Beate is a mentor, knowledgeable, intuitive and flexible; she is very good at explaining the essence in a way that speaks to all and adapts the programme and meditations to the group dynamics.

    Summer retreat participant
  • The retreat was truly excellent. A wonderful location, a fantastic teacher, delicious food and a great group.

  • The retreat allowed me to settle my mind, to feel safe and supported. The place was ideal to relax and practice. Jake is an amazing teacher and I learned a lot from his guidance and the way he walks the talk. I will definitively return.

  • My aim was to practice again. This is what I did and I enjoyed it a lot. 

    Participant summer retreat 2023
  • The retreat flowed. It was definitively creating inner peace. Thank you!

  • The location, schedule and teachers [of the retreat] created an optimal environment for me to get my mind set to meditation. A wonderful and intense experience which may have lasted longer - but five days is fine!

  • I appreciated every aspects of the retreat and its participants who were very mature patient open curious kind and caring who created very warm and safe environment to practice. Steve is an excellent teacher and who is experienced compassionate and patient. He shared with us his experiences and wide range of knowledge. Lovely location and beautiful garden which are well maintained and cared. The cook is amazing person and wonderful cook. She is very kind and pleasant to talk to and to work with during karma yoga time.

    Participant, Heartfulness Retreat
  • This was my first mindfulness retreat and I found it was perfect for me - not too intense but definitely challenging. Highly recommended

    Retreat participant summer 2023
  • Silence is a beautiful way of sharing, I did not expect to make friends without using words, but it happened :) .  Will definitely come back…

    Retreat participant
  • Thanks a lot for everything, for new habits and mindful practices, and great thanks to Viannou for the amazing food. It was a pleasure.

    Retreat participant
  • The Summer retreat was like a breath of fresh air! The timing was just perfect for me. After these days I feel rested and recharged on mental and physical level. Thank you Brussels Mindfulness for organising this retreat on such an excellent level!

  • Beate is really a great instructor. She has a sense for when to intervene, is clear in her guidance and has a warm voice.

  • The retreat is very good in grounding oneself in this fast-paced environment. I unreservedly recommend it!

  • The retreat allowed me to settle my mind, to feel safe and supported. The place was ideal to relax and practice.

  • The retreat was a gift to myself, to find inner calm and peace and spend some quiet time away from day-to-day crazyness! It turned out this was one of the best gifts I made myself.