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  • I enjoyed the course and fund the the exercises truly valuable and healing. I am determined to continue to consciously counter the negativity bias of my brain with everything I have learned :-).

  • I really enjoyed the mindfulness course! I can recommend it to anyone interested in mindfulness. The course is very well structured and lead in a very pleasant but at the same time professional way. I did the course with Beate and I really liked her style! If you are curious or interested, go for it… And Enjoy !

    Course Participant
  • I can truly say that the course improved my quality of life and taught me tools that will help me for a lifetime. I like that I have learned a method to soothe old pains a little more, without diving into them completely. I have also learned techniques that make me braver in a playful way. The course creates new opportunities in areas I previously got stuck on. I am more frequently aware of reacting automatically out of stress and then choose to calm down first and look at what I really want.

  • The positive neuroplasticity course brought me much more benefit than I ever expected! In addition to the 8-weeks Mindfulness course, this has been a superb addition on my mindfulness journey. I must say that, when I started my first course in October 2019, I never thought I would be able to commit to 20 mins of daily meditation practice... And in the end, I have been meditating on a daily basis for more than five months now!!! A drastic change in my habits and a very positive influence on my general morale. Thank you, Beate, for all the energy and professionalism you put in these courses. We students absorb all the good and try to share it and spread the word. I am glad I chose the right time to take the two courses, because it means I now have a very useful toolbox handy for me to cope and face this stressful and unusual crisis.

    Course participant