Mindfulness Modules - Guided Meditations

Instructions for use

Below, you will find the guided meditations for the in-company mindfulness modules, recorded by our trainers.
You can:
  • Play the guided meditations directly on your computer or mobile device: simply click the play button and it will start playing.
  • Download them on your computer or mobile device (depending on the type of mobile device): click the download icon in the top right corner of the box.

We recommended to download the files so you can use them anywhere and at any time without having to be connected to the internet.

 Attention: the guided meditations are only intended for use by participants of the courses offered by Brussels Mindfulness. Please do not share them with others.

 You can find here some short guided meditations by Mark Williams from the Oxford Mindfulness Center (author of the book "Fnding Peace in a Franntic World". We recommend starting with those and if you have additional time to explore some of the others listed here below. 

In this video our teacher Jake Dartington explains how you can find the best posture for meditation. 

Introductory workshop / Foundations Module 


Meditation body and breath by Mark Williams 

Download here the handout after the foundations module.



Module Attention Management: Developing calm focus and increasing productivity

Meditation body and breath by Mark Williams 

Module Stress Management: Feeling more grounded and resilient

Mindful movement by Mark Williams

Bodyscan by Mark Williams

3-minute breathing space by Mark Williams

Module Emotional Balance: Getting less affected by difficult thoughts and emotions

Sounds and thoughts meditation by Mark Williams

Exploring difficulty meditation by Mark Williams

RAIN meditation by Tara Brach

Rick Hanson on HEAL


Module: Energy Management: Living and working in balance by tapping into your resources

Befriending meditation by Mark Williams

Gratitude meditation by Beate