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Resources for the teacher training

Instructions for use

Below, you will find some guided meditations for the Mindfulness Teacher Training.

You can:

  • Play the guided meditations directly on this page by clicking the play button
  • Download them by clicking the download icon in the top right corner of the box

We recommended downloading the files so you can use them anywhere and at any time, without having to be online.

These guided meditations are intended for use by participants of the Teacher Training offered by Brussels Mindfulness. Please do not share them with others.

Here is a also talk (as part of an online course) by Jake on the 5 hindrances in meditation 

Other meditations

Meditations by Jon Kabat Zinn

Meditations by Mark Williams

Bangor Meditations

Documents for the teacher training

Planning:  overview of modules

Module 1: 

More inspiring talks and resources

The power of vulnerability by Brené Brown

 Plum Village resources

Matthew Brewer on taking feedback

 10 percent happier podcast

Being well podcast with Rick Hanson