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Welcome to your 8-week MBSR journey!

Guided meditations

Below you can find a set of specific meditations for this course with our teachers. You can click the links to:

  • Play the guided meditations (note: there are often choices of longer or shorter versions)
  • Download the meditations by clicking the download icon (box with little down arrow) in the top right corner of each listing. We recommended downloading the files so you can use them anywhere and at any time, without having to be online.

For convenience we have listed the relevant meditations as they correspond to each week’s home assignments. This means that a meditation you see in a particular week may also have appeared in a previous week.

In order to achieve positive results, it is important that you practice these meditations as instructed in your homework assignments (see the printed handbook and your emails for a reminder).

These guided meditations are only intended for use by participants of the courses offered by Brussels Mindfulness. Please do not share them with others.

Week 1

Bodyscan - Steve - 15 min

Bodyscan - Lorinda - 38 min

Bodyscan - Jake - 45 min

Week 2

Body scan - Lot - 45 min

Awareness of breath - Lorinda – 10 min

Week 3

Lying down yoga - Steve - 30 min

Awareness of breath (sitting meditation) – Lorinda – 15 min

Lying down mindful movement - Jake - 45 min

Week 4

Sitting meditation - Lorinda -20 min

Short Sitting meditation - Jake - 10 min

Sitting meditation - Jake - 20 min

Week 5

Sitting meditation – Lorinda – 39 min

Standing yoga - Lorinda - 37 min

Full Sitting meditation - Jake - 45 min

Week 6, 7 & 8

Sitting meditations– see Week 4 (short) & 5 (long)

Body scan – see Week 1

Standing yoga – see Week 5

Lying down yoga – see Week 3

You can find more meditations on our Podbean or Spotify pages as well as on the Meditations page on our website.