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  • The Day of Nourishment was a surprising gift for me, a day of taking care for myself and recharging my batteries. The silence and the meditations helped me get centered in what is essential to me.

    Ingrid, Participant, Day of Nourishment
  • It is a very welcome one day break when you can disconnect an entire day. I liked a lot how the day was structured. Thanks for the books reference dealing with acceptance, self-compassion, imperfection - great, inspiring topics.

    Participant, Day of Nourishment
  • The atmosphere was very nice and calming and the teacher was excellent.

    Participant, Day of Nourishment
  • This nourishment day helped me to refill my batteries, stop for a moment, immerse in mindful silence and see everything from different perspective. This day helped me to discover again how to explore difficulty and see until when I can accept it.  

  • Overall a great experience. Its a great way to detach from daily life and do a digital detox, and to go deeper within yourself. I particularly liked connecting with the senses, being outside, deepening my practice and experiencing something new every time. I would recommend it to both beginners and more experienced meditators.

  • I appreciated the introduction and explanation, also the sharing and group experience.

    Day of Nourishment participant
  • It was great to take some hours for myself and get in touch and in balance with myself and the world around me. I am more grounded and balanced. Thank you!

    Day of Nourishment participant