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Welcome to your jour journey towards inner calm and joy!

On this page you will find the meditations for this course. You can download them or save them  in your own list. Enjoy!

Session 1 Stepping our of the autopilot

Mindfulness of breath - Lorinda- 15 min

Mindful stretching - Beate - 18 min 

Breathe and unwind - Beate - 10 min

Awareness of breath- Lyuba - 10 min 

Session 2: Dealing differently with stress

Befriending your body- Beate 17 min

Bodyscan - Lorinda- 38 min 

Bodyscan Marjana - 17 min

Breathing space - Beate - 7 min

Session 3: Effectively managing your energy levels

Lying down yoga - Steve- 30 min

Exploring gratitude through your senses- Lorinda- 21 min

Bodyscan Beate 17 min