Educated in history and languages, I have been further trained and working in project management. After having had my first child I realised that there has to be something more than doing and organising and planning: Simply being a person, a mother, a partner, a friend. Mindfulness showed me a way to step out of the autopilot and my conditioning, and opened up a whole new way of living and enjoying life.

For me, the most wonderful gift we can give to our children is to be a self-caring, compassionate and mindful person who is willing and able to listen – to the inside and the outside world – and to pay attention to the children who are looking at us for guidance and role modelling. Showing them that there is a choice between instinct reaction and skilful response is a tremendously useful tool in all their life.

I am currently in the process for the MBSR-certification at Arbor Seminare in Germany and have completed a course in teaching Mindful Parenting.

I also work behind the screens of Brussels Mindfulness to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Working languages: English and German.