Educated in history and languages, Berenice has been further trained and worked in project management. After having become a mother, life changed at lot personally and professionally, and a new way of approaching these changes ermerged with mindfulness and the mindful way of living, not only as a mother and partner, but more deeply as a person. This brought along a whole new way of living and enjoying life, no matter the challenges.

While being in the process for the MBSR-certification at arbor-Seminare in Germany, Berenice has followed a special training in teaching Mindful Parenting courses and is also deeply interested in broadening this approach of bringing mindfulness into the families by learning more about mindfulness for kids and teens. She has followed further training to bring Mindfulness into Schools and specialised in Mindful Communication. She is also giving courses and workshops in Luxembourg, having settled there after several years in Brussels. You can find her activites in Luxembourg at

For her, the most wonderful gift a parent can give to a child is to be a self-caring, compassionate and authentic person who is willing and able to listen - to the inside and the outside world. Paying attention to the children who are looking at us for guidance, she values the power of role modelling and knowing oneself in order to stay calm and balanced, even in the midst of the child's emotional storm or tantrum.

She also works behind the screens of Brussels Mindfulness to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Working languages: English and German.