I have been working as a psychologist for over 20 years. I accompany children, teenagers and adults on the basis of different techniques and approaches. My practice integrates concepts related to positive psychology, brief therapy, behavioural and systemic therapy, and art therapy.

On Mindful Family Days, I run workshops for children in order to enable them to integrate the concepts of mindfulness into their daily life in a playful and creative way.

The objectives of the workshops are to enable children to better manage their emotions through an understanding of what happens in their body and mind. Emotions are neither good nor bad... they are. On the other hand, they can have a pleasant or unpleasant tone and it is very useful to be able to recognise them in order to manage them as well as possible when they arise. So I support children to create, play and experiment on the theme of emotions. We do a wide range of activities with the objective of welcoming and recognising emotions, which is the key to building self-esteem and empathy.

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Working languages: French, English and Dutch.