Yoga Teacher

With a masters degree in Marketing Management and one in Global Business Management, I worked as a marketing manager for a while. Following a personal and career crisis, a burn-out showed me the way I had designed my life didn't make me happy.

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness helped me find my way back to myself and deal more effectively with stress and emotional triggers. Over time, these practices became an integral part of my life. I felt the call to share them with others, supporting people in their personal search for inner calm.

After several training courses in India and Europe, I became a freelance yoga teacher in Brussels. I teach in English, French and Dutch, and continue to deepen my knowledge in gentle Yin Yoga, traditional Hatha yoga and related subjects. My life is now a continuous opportunity to explore practices that nourish me and can do the same for my students.

Given that I've had a stressful office job myself, I love teaching and bringing in tools for calm and concentration in organisational settings. Having made the journey from living with chronic illness and injury to a healthy body myself, I can bring in the necessary empathy and adaptations for my students to practice safely, with self-love and acceptance for their daily reality.

As I enjoy managing projects and ensuring everything runs smoothly, I was the operational and administrative assistant at Brussels Mindfulness in 2020-2021. Working behind the screens of the organisation, I enjoyed bridging my old professional life with my interest in personal growth.