When I came across mindfulness, it resonated with me instantly. Mindfulness helped me realise that I have a choice. Being compassionate to myself and others, allowing myself to be who I am and tolerating what is in the moment without judging, has helped me in keeping the fragile balance in the stressful challenges of daily life.

With a Master in Germanic Languages and a Teacher’s Degree I have over 15 years of experience in research, media, communication, sales, training, business coaching and projects in innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. All of this finally led to Golden Blue, my executive coaching and mindfulness business.

In 2009 I learned the coaching craft from Rudy Vandamme en Marcel Hendrickx of Het Ontwikkelingsinstituut during an intensive professional year-round training. I also work with Vlerick Business School, where I coach managers and leaders of (inter)national companies such as ENZA Zaden, Eurocontrol, d’Ieteren, Carrefour, USG People, Konica Minolta, in Leadership Management Programmes.

Today I am an enthusiastic trainer at Brussels Mindfulness. Before that, I took a number of trainings with pioneering mindfulness teacher Edel Maex and I certified with the Flemish insitute of Aandacht en Mindfulness I AM. I keep up with international experts in the field like Jon Kabat-Zinn, Chris Cullen, Marc Williams, Willem Kuycken, Christina Feldman and many others.

I’m Belgian, I live in East Flanders with my teenage daughter with Romanian roots. I love people, yoga, design, music, tea, cars and whisky. I engage at least in two silent or yoga retreats per year to take  good care of myself.

Working languages: English and Dutch.