Practical details 2023-2025

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Below you can find the practical information concerning the upcoming teacher training, which will start in October 2023 and is lasting until January 2025.

Teaching Modules

Teaching Modules

There are 7 immersive, residential modules taking place from October 2023 to January 2025. In total, there will be 21 full days of teaching.

All modules dates start at 11 am unless stated otherwise (subject to change).

This training program follows guidelines and standards of the International Mindfulness Integrity Network.

Retreat experience

During the teacher training

The teacher training is organised in a retreat-like structure which provides not only the perfect ground for learning but also the possibility to increase your wellbeing and take a pause from your busy life. We will start and end our days with yoga and meditation and enter a nourishing silence after the last session of the day so that you can best integrate the learning and find deep rest for the night. Furthermore, a Day of Nourishment  is included in your fee where you can enjoy a one-day immersive retreat in the heart of Brussels with guided practices and in silence. This retreat day is part of the programme and can be booked until July 2024 (choose freely from the programme).

Prior to registration

In order to boost and deepen your practice it is required to have followed a silent retreat of at least 2-nights before you start the programme. You can find a list of our retreats here.

Prior to final assessment

In order to complete the Mindfulness Teacher Training, participants are requested to participate in a 5-day residential silent retreat. The Brussels Mindfulness Summer Retreat is aligned with the purpose and programme of teacher training and takes place during each summer in July (dates to be confirmed).

This silent retreat provides a deep dive into your personal meditation practice. The silent retreat takes place in one of our beautiful retreat centres, a haven of peace which contributes to deepening your learning process. It will provide you with the tools and the experience that are required for the rest of the training.

While we strongly recommend following this retreat, it is not obligatory to do so. You can also take part in a 5-day silent retreat with a different provider. Should this be the case, please check with us before registering whether the retreat meets the requirements.



All residential modules take place at Retreat Centre La Maison du Chemin des Roches, Dongelberg in Wallonia, about 50 minutes from Brussels. The retreat centre is a true oasis of peace with a beautiful meditation hall, delicious organic, vegetarian food, a large garden and comfortable rooms. The accommodation is in single or double rooms with shared bathrooms. An onsite cook will take care of our wellbeing with fresh, organic and delicious food 3 times a day and additional tea and coffee breaks. 

Dongelberg is a small village in the midst of the country side where you can go for nourishing walks amongst fields and meadows with sheep, horses, and cows. The garden of the retreat center has beautiful trees where you can rest or meditate and listen to the bird songs.

The residential setting offers the perfect opportunity to get away from the demands and the business of your daily life and to give yourself a healthy treat.

The one-day modules are organised in our location in Brussels, MM81, Ave. Tervueren 81, close to metro Merode and Montgomery.

Assessment period with supervision and certification

As of 2025 you will be able to organise your own pilot course and prepare for assessment. You will be required to book 4 supervision sessions with one of the teachers of the programme. The supervision is a gentle process in which we explore together your process, challenges and learnings during your teaching and personal practice. You will prepare a written report and send in the recordings of your guided meditations that you have prepared for your pilot course as well as a video recording of one session of this course. This material will be reviewed by your supervisor and you will receive structured feedback on it.

Please note that the assessment and supervision fee is not included in the overall fee of the programme.

Overview & Costs

Early bird rate until 28 February 2023! Discount of 250 on the pay-in-full plan.

Including Price excl. VAT* Price incl. VAT*


  • 20 days of training
  • 1 Day of Nourishment
  • Course material
  • Structured review of progress (one-hour tutorial)

Pay-in-full: €4131 €3925
2x €2273 €2159
6x €793 €753

Pay-in-full: €4999 €4749
2x €2750 €2613
6x €959 €911

  • 4 supervisions
  • Structured review of submitted material and feedback


* The price does not include single rooms, for which there will be an additional charge.

Payment Schedule:

  • Pay-in-full: Due at time of enrolment
  • 2-payments: First payment due at time of enrolment, second payment in February 2024
  • 6-payments: First payment due at time of enrolment, subsequent payments once per month starting October 2023 until February 2024

Included in the fee

  • The fee of the teachers
  • Accommodation for the residential modules (extra charge for single rooms)
  • Course material such as handbooks, guided meditations and videos/recordings
  • Delicious organic vegetarian meals
  • Snacks, tea and coffee throughout the day
  • Exclusive use of the entire location and its beautiful garden
  • Structured review of your progress and assignments
  • The diplomas after successful completion of the programme (provided that you participated in all modules and passed the assessment)
  • One-day, Day of Nourishment, date chosen at will until July 2024

Conditions for admission to the programme

Prior to your application you should have:

  • Followed an 8-week mindfulness course as a participant in a group.
  • Completed some form of higher education (at least Bachelor’s degree).
  • Attended one silent retreat of at least 2 nights (click here to see our retreats)
  • Have a daily meditation practice for at least 6 months prior

Documents to submit to your application

Please submit the following documents when applying for the teacher training.

1. Certificates of attendance for all required courses (copies are sufficient), details of all mindfulness training and retreats you have followed, and if applicable, teaching and supervision experience. If you have participated in courses or retreats with Brussels Mindfulness, it is sufficient to provide us with the name and date of the activity so that we can reference it in our system.

2. Reflective writing (1000 words) on your experience of your development as a mindfulness practitioner. You might want to consider questions such as

  • What draws me to mindfulness and mindfulness practice?
  • What is particularly challenging in my mindfulness practice?
  • What intrigues me and keeps me motivated?
  • How has my practice developed over time?
  • How does the practice serve me in times of difficulty?
  • What is my motivation to teach or be part in this training?

Please, include the following in your letter as well:

  • Contact details, including your home address and business details (if applicable for invoicing)
  • Information on whether you would like to pay in one or several instalments

Please submit this information to Please note that once the programme is full (max. 20 participants) no further applications will be accepted.

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