Practical details 2021-2023

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Below you can find the practical information concerning the current teacher training, which started in October 2021 and is lasting until March 2023. Currently it is possible to register for level 2 starting in September 2022.

New dates for a full cycle starting in 2023 can be found here!

Level 1 modules: Mindfulness Teacher Training – Foundations Programme

There are 3 immersive, residential modules and one full day, taking place from October 2021 to April 2022, totalling up to 10 days of training for level 1.

  • Module 1: 7-10 October 2021 with Lot Heijke and Beate Trück
  • Module 2: 14-16 January 2022 with Lot Heijke and Beate Trück
  • Module 3: 23-24 April 2022 with Sandrine Rauters
  • One Day of Nourishment of your choice with Beate Trück

Upon completion of the foundations year, you will be able to deliver short mindfulness interventions, start guiding meditations and teaching elements of the 8-week programme in a supervised setting.

Level 2 modules: Mindfulness Teacher Training – Advanced Programme

The Advanced Programme of the Teacher Training is an opportunity to develop experience and confidence in teaching mindfulness-based approaches, mainly the MBSR curriculum through further training, supervised teaching, attendance of retreats and a continued personal practice. During this programme, you will also be expected to work with a supervisor to reflect on your readiness for teaching and on your enfolding skills and experience.

With this programme, we will focus on the following elements:

  • Developing competencies to teach the full curriculum of an 8-week-programme, following the MBSR protocol.
  • Deepening the experiential nature of your mindfulness practice.
  • Progressing through an ongoing cycle of learning and feedback on teaching, directly observed by a supervisor.
  • Deepening your skills and understanding of mindfulness-based approaches, which includes keeping up to date with the current evidence-base.
  • The Buddhist foundations of mindfulness
  • Trauma-sensitive mindfulness
  • Secondary aspects of meditation and how to deal with them
  • Refining your skills to guide meditations and yoga in MBSR
  • Learning how to lead inquiry
  • How to skilfully give feedback
  • Group processes
  • Ethical aspects
Level 2 modules: Mindfulness Teacher Training – Advanced Programme

The modules for level 2

The second level requires participation in a 5-day silent retreat, as well as 4 modules taking place from September 2022 to April 2023. There will be 11 days of teaching. Trainees can also choose to participate in a 5-day silent retreat elsewhere.

  • 6-10 July 2022: Residential 5-day summer silent retreat with Beate Trück
  • Module 4: 22-25 September 2022 with Lot Heijke and Beate Trück
  • Module 5: 12-13 November 2022 with Jake Dartington (online module) 
  • Module 6: 14-15 January 2023 with Lot Heijke and Beate Trück (start evening of 13 January)
  • Module 7: 17-19 March 2023 with Lot Heijke and Beate Trück

This training program follows guidelines and standards of the International Mindfulness Integrity Network.

Assessment and certification

As of July  2023 you will be able to organise your own pilot course and prepare for assessment. You will be required to book 4 supervision sessions with one of the teachers of the programme. The supervision is a gentle process in which we explore together your process, challenges and learnings during your teaching and personal practice. You will prepare a written report and send in the recordings of your guided meditations and at least one session of your pilot course. This material will be reviewed by your supervisor and you will receive structured feedback on it.

Please note that the assessment fee is not comprised in the overall fee of the programme.

Assessment and certification


All residential modules take place at Retreat Centre La Maison du Chemin des Roches in Dongelberg in Wallonia, some 60 minutes from Brussels. The retreat centre is a true haven of peace with a beautiful meditation hall, delicious organic and vegetarian food, a large garden and comfortable rooms. The residential setting offers the perfect opportunity to get away from the demands and the business of your daily life and to give yourself a healthy treat. A time to learn, grow, recharge and connect with your peers. 

Overview & costs

Year Including Price excl. VAT* Price incl. VAT*

Year 1**

  • 10 days of training
  • Course material
  • Structured review of progress (one-hour tutorial)
 € 2.065  € 2.499
Summer retreat
  • 5 days residential silent retreat
 € 661

 € 800

Year 2**

  • 11 days of training
  • Course material
  • Structured review of progress
  • One-to-one meeting
Early bird: € 2.065
Regular: € 2.148
Early bird: € 2.499
Regular: € 2.599
  • Structured review of submitted material and feedback
  • 4 supervision sessions
€ 495 € 599

* The price does not include single rooms, for which there will be an additional charge. 

** The payments can be paid in three instalments spread over the year. Early bird pricing is valid for enrolment until 30 June 2022.

Included in the fee

  • The fee of the teachers
  • Accommodation for the residential modules (extra charge for single rooms)
  • Course material such as handbooks, guided meditations and videos/recordings
  • Delicious organic vegetarian meals
  • Snacks, tea and coffee throughout the day
  • Exclusive use of the entire location and its beautiful garden
  • Structured review of your progress and assignments
  • The diplomas after successful completion of year 1 and 2 (provided you participated in at least 90% of the modules)

Conditions for admission to the programme

Conditions for admission to the programme

Prior to your application for level 2 you should have:

  • Followed an 8-week mindfulness course as a participant in a group.
  • Completed some form of higher education (at least Bachelor’s degree).
  • Attended one silent retreat of at least 2 nights. 
  • Have a daily meditation practice since at least 6 months
  • Followed a foundations year (level 1) at another organisation