Whether you are new to mindfulness and meditation or already experienced and with a steady practice - there is no end in the process of awakening to life. Having the support of a group or being in companionship with like-minded people can help to go further on this path and to deepen the practice. 

We are happy to offer you insights and stories from our personal experiences and different mindfulness techniques. Also, practicing with guidance - as you would do in a course or any other activity - can be very inspiring and supporting. 

Below you find links to our blog articles as well as guided meditations from our teachers and more information about mindfulness and meditation. Enjoy!

Our blog articles and insights about mindfulness

We regularly post articles on insights and helpful mindfulness strategies to lead a more conscious and purposeful life. They are sorted in chronological order.

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Guided Meditations

In this section we offer a selection of guided meditations from our teachers which are free to use. We invite you to check out regularly this page as we continously add new meditations.

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You can also find lots of free meditations recorded on our free podbean account. Many of them have been recorded at our morning sessions during the pandemic. Enjoy!

You can find an introduction about how to start meditating and about the different meditation postures by our teacher Jake Dartington via this link

If you would like to learn how to meditate we suggest that you first follow an 8-week mindfulness course  or join our live meditations or Days of Nourishment. This will help you to find the right posture and attitude and to ask all the questions that you might have before you start meditating on your own. 

Once you have a basic understanding about meditation you can use our guide with supplementary instructions and explanations about how to skillfully deal with difficulties in meditation.

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