Positive neuroplasticity trainings

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Increase your happiness by learning how to take in the good

In these challenging times, many of us are dealing with regular negative thoughts and feelings. It is easy to get sucked in by the negative news and be overwhelmed by anxiety and helplessness. But it does not need to be that way. As the challenges rise, we need to focus on building up inner resources that can help us feel peaceful and content amid the difficulties.

Many people think that their happiness depends on external factors such as money, professional success, love or even the weather. But what if you could learn to be happy, independently of what life throws at you? Would it not be wonderful to know how to restore your happiness when something unwanted happens and to enjoy the good things more fully?

Neuroscientist Dr Rick Hanson has developed a method to transform ordinary day-to-day experiences into inner strengths, such as resilience, self-confidence, compassion, joy and a feeling of being loved. The mindful internalisation of such psychological resources can help us deal with feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, loss and shame – and support our well-being, emotional healing and resilience.

The brain is continually remodelling itself as we learn from our experiences. When we repeatedly stimulate a circuit in our brain, we strengthen it.

Humans needs are categorized into 3 different areas: Safety, satisfaction and connection. Through experiencing and practicing, we can learn to internalize resources that satisfy the needs in these three areas and increasingly grow an internal core of strength.

In our positive neuroplasticity courses, you will learn tools and practices that can bring more joy, peace and fulfilment to your life.

This course builds on the idea that the mind is like a garden which needs to be maintained and cultivated – because if it is left to itself, it will develop some unhelpful thinking patterns. With mindfulness we can learn to see clearly what is there and learn to practice equanimity, a sense of being at peace with how things are right now. We can further train and change our brain for the better through positive neuroplasticity which will in turn influence our mind and thus creates an upwards spiral.

This powerful method can make a real difference in your life. Beate Trück is trained and authorised by Rick Hanson to teach this method and has supported many participants train their brain towards more happiness in the past years.

True happiness comes from within

With the positive neuroplasticity training, you will learn to:

  • Develop an increased self-confidence and feeling of agency
  • Experience a greater sense of resilience and the ability to bounce back more quickly in difficult times
  • Have a greater feeling of joy, peace and happiness
  • Be able to rise to challenges by motivating yourself and overcoming old fears and pains
  • Become more focused and calmer with a strong sense of inner peace
  • Feel more connected and compassionate
  • Reduce unnecessary cravings and feel more satisfied with your life
  • Heal old wounds that are preventing you from being happy and fulfilled (with an exception of trauma, which should only be dealt with a therapist)
  • Discover 15 ways to feel good

The training combines elements of brain science with practical exercises and guided meditations. No prior knowledge is required to follow the course. You are welcome as you are.