You will be able to deepen your journey into mindfulness with a group of like-minded people and benefit from it in a way that it will enhance your personal growth. Furthermore, those around you, your family, friends and colleagues may enjoy your growing insights and benefit from you flourishing and being more at peace.

After the first year, you will be able to use your learning in your workplace – either in your practice as a coach or in more structured setting such as silent pauses or introductions into mindfulness at work.

After the second year, you will be able to teach a complete 8-week (MBSR) programme to an audience of your choice. You will have deepened the experiential nature and cognitive elements of your mindfulness practice and you will be part of a group of future trainers who have grown together with you. This element of community will be an essential part of the programme. You will be able to support and motivate each other on your journeys.