Feel like you could use some self-care?  Join us for our next in-person Day of Nourishment on 16 April.

If you choose an in-person course, you will benefit from a nice location in the centre of Brussels and from the energy of meditating together. Delicious organic teas will be offered at every session. You will receive a book and a syllabus in printed format. You can also join the parallel online session, should you miss a class. The price for this type of course is €397.

If you choose an online format, you can log in from the comfort of your home. You will also benefit from shared energy and group interactions in this live online course. You will receive all material in a digital format (e-book and syllabus). Some people find it relaxing to switch off their video camera while meditating. If you miss a session, you can follow it in the next online course or listen to the recording. The price for this type of course is €297.