To ensure your comfort and safety during our activities, we take the following health measures for in-person activities:

  • Small groups to allow enough space between participants during all activities
  • Amenities to wash and disinfect your hands regularly
  • The location is cleaned and ventilated several times a day
  • Possibility for outdoor meditations whenever the weather allows it
  • Participants are required to stay at home when showing symptoms

For the use of masks we follow the colour codes of the Brussels’ adult schooling:

  • Code yellow: sitting 1,5m apart, no mask when seated, only when circulating
  • Code orange: sitting 1,5m apart, wearing mask alt all times (except when meditating)
  • Code red: online teaching

Please note that we monitor any change in corona measures and apply them as soon as required by the authorities. Should we switch to another colour code within the duration of a course, no refund or rescheduling is possible.