Workshop: "The Art of Mindful Communication"

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MM81 Training Centre
Avenue de Tervuren 81
1040 Etterbeek

Workshop: "The Art of Mindful Communication"

Sunday 17 February 2019.
From 10.00 to 17.00.

Location: at the training centre MM81 (Etterbeek)

With Berenice Boxler


Learning how to listen deeply and speak in a way that is heartfelt and true.

  • Do you know the unsatisfying feeling of talking to someone and the other person is clearly absent-minded?
  • Do you get annoyed by trying to make your point but the other person is simply not able or willing to understand?
  • Are you fed up with getting advice or well-meant solutions when you simply need an open ear – and no problem solving?
  • Do you feel stuck in a relationship due to miscommunication?

According to statistics, over 90 percent of the adult population think of themselves as good listeners. Reality looks quite different.

Speaking, listening, texting SMS or writing emails – we communicate countless times every day. Language is one of our most important means of connecting with other people. Our communication is usually characterized by firm patterns and habits, driven by impulses and emotions that make us regularly say things we might regret at a later stage. Or we simply forget what another person told us because we were not mentally present in the conversation.


For whom?

Mindful communication is an inspiring way of connecting with other people and with our own inner needs and feelings. Bringing awareness into our conversation opens up a whole new range of understanding and with this more flexibility, creativity and compassion.

The more we understand what is being communicated – in words and what lies underneath – , the more we can relate and connect to each other and with this deepen our relationships.


What will you learn?

A mix of theory, practice and sharing will be offered throughout the workshop.

We will understand the basics of mindful communication and how to speak and listen so that we reach a mutual understanding. We will learn the principles by which we can invite the other person to really listen to our needs.

We will talk about the three foundations of mindful communication: 

  • presence: how to establish and keep real presence when being and talking with another person;
  • intention: how to ground ourselves in the intention to understand and to care and the important difference of "needs" and "strategies";
  • attention: how to consciously shift the locus of attention when needed and how to talk in a more neutral way so that others will listen without defending themselves;

as well as 

  • challenging conversations: how to notice reactivity, how to modulate activation and how to deactivate our nervous system so that we can stay grounded, even in difficult situations. 


What you will walk away with

  • An understanding of the basics of mindful communication.
  • Insights into how to stay grounded in a conversation.
  • Some tools to listen for what lies underneath every conversation.
  • Tools to increase the other person’s willingness to listen.
  • Lots of tips and ideas on how to speak from the heart.
  • A handout with a summary of the workshop.


The teacher

Berenice Boxler

Berenice Boxler is a mindfulness teacher at Brussels Mindfulness, specialised in mindful communication, mindful parenting, and mindfulness for children. People like her calm and compassionate way of teaching.



Rate for full-day workshop including a handout and a tea break: € 115 per person.

Please bring your own lunch or be prepared to eat at one of the restaurants nearby. 

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