Teacher Training - Information Session


MM81 Training Centre
Avenue de Tervuren 81
1040 Etterbeek (Brussels)

on the ground floor: "Laborit"

Teacher Training - Information Session

Tuesday 15 October 2019, 19.30-21.30, MM81 Training Centre, Brussels

Has mindfulness transformed your life in a positive way and are you looking for ways to deepen the practice and pass it on to others?

Do you identify with one of the following?

  • You would like to give mindfulness training to individuals and/or companies.
  • You are a coach/therapist and would like to bring mindfulness into your work with clients.
  • You would like to bring mindfulness into the organisation where you work, and do so in a professional way.
  • You would like to deepen your practice and understanding of mindfulness in a group of like-minded people .

Mindfulness training programmes have attained solid ground in many areas of life: personal development, work, health, education, leadership, parenting, childbirth etc.

As mindfulness is becoming more mainstream, there is a growing need for professionalism.  While more people are starting to teach mindfulness, there is an increasing need for teachers with a solid background and certified training skills.

Brussels Mindfulness offers a Mindfulness Teacher Training programme in 2 years, starting in January 2020. With lead teacher Jake Dartington and Claude Maskens.

Completion of all parts of the programme leads to the award of a Certificate of Competency in Teaching Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

In this session we will explain:

  • The process of the teacher training (start January 2020).
  • The content of the two-year programme.
  • The requirements for application.
  • The assessment criteria.
  • The skills of the teachers and supervisors.

We will answer all questions you might have. There will be the opportunity to meet the other participants of the class, and we will also be meditating together.

While it is not obligatory to participate in this session, we strongly advise you to join, whether you have already registered or are still doubting if this is the right training for you. 


Register here for free for the information session on 15 October 2019.

You can find more information on the Teacher Training here

You can download the brochure for the two year programe here.