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  • 2-hour interactive, live online workshop
  • Monday 23 May from 19.30 to 21.30 CET

Good night sleep workshop: developing healthy sleeping habits

with mindfulness  teacher Beate Trück

Do you often find yourself tossing and turning in bed for more than half an hour before you finally fall asleep (if at all)?

Do you wake up during the night or too early in the morning, unable to fall asleep again?

Or maybe you wake up feeling tired, even after 8 hours of sleep?

Did you know that you prepare your sleep during the day? What you do throughout the day will impact your sleep, including if you were physically active or not, relaxed or stressed out. There are so many factors that influence our sleep and some of them are entirely in our hands. We can learn how to take better control of our sleep by introducing some healthier habits, dealing better with stress and rumination, learning to pause throughout our day and building healthier sleep rituals such as organising your sleep environment, unwinding in the evening, etc. In this workshop we will tackle some of those elements, underpinned by sleep theory and supported by relaxation techniques to help you soothe your nervous system. 

What to expect

The 'Good Night Sleep Workshop' is designed to give you some first insights and tools to develop healthier sleeping habits. It consists of a mix of theory about sleep, self-observation and some relaxation practices, including the following:

  • Understanding what happens in your brain when you sleep 
  • Learning how to shift some habits in order to find better sleep 
  • Understanding how stress and rumination impact your sleep and what you can do about it
  • Self-observation about what happens in your body and mind when you can't sleep and how to go about it
  • Discovering some relaxation techniques from breathing and meditation 
  • Developing wholesome evening routines and rituals 
  • Organising your sleep environment

As a follow-up you will receive a handout and a link to specific relaxation exercises.

What to expect
Relaxation practices

Relaxation practices

During the live session, you will experience specific breathing and meditation relaxation practices. These practices are carefully selected and focus on helping you sleep better.


  • The live workshop will be held in English
  • The session will be organised via Zoom, an easy-to-use online meeting tool which allows interactivity. It will be just like a face-to-face class in which you can ask questions, share and interact.
  • If you cannot make it to the session it is possible to access the replay
The Teacher

The Teacher

Beate Trück is an senior mindfulness teacher, teacher trainer, supervisor and also co-founder of Brussels Mindfulness. She has been trained and certified as a MBSR-teacher by Arbor-Seminare in Germany, and has given many workshops, courses and retreats to an international audience over the past decade. She has also been trained and certified on positive neuropsychology by Rick Hanson. Furthermore she is in charge of the teacher training of Brussels Mindfulness. After a burnout Beate has struggled for many years with sleep and would like to provide her personal approach on what helped her finding her sleep again, underpinned by science.


€ 49 (incl VAT) for the course, including:

  • Live online session of 2 hours, including 2-week access to a replay
  • A handout and link to specific audio recordings of breathwork and meditation practices


This workshop is not specifically designed for people with an official medical diagnosis of any sleep disorder (e.g. insomnia) or for anyone who regularly uses prescribed medication (e.g. sleeping pills, antidepressants). The content will be helpful; however, we can't guarantee it will cure your sleep disorder.

This course is not a substitute for any medical treatment plan, so please continue following your doctor's advice.

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