Personalized mindfulness coaching

7-09-2020 till 30-09-2021
Beginners, Follow-up

online via zoom

Personalized mindfulness coaching

Do you feel  anxious and stressed with all that is going on in this times of crisis?

Do you feel stuck or unhappy with your current life in general? Would you like to change some unhelpful habits?

Are you recovering from a burnout or feeling very stressed out? Are you spending hours ruminating about difficult feelings and thoughts?

Is there an important decision to take for which you would like to have some support? 

Would you like to start meditating with an experienced teacher in a personalized setting?

Our modern dilemma — the overwhelm, the stress, the busy-ness, the distraction, the constant anxiety, leads to a lot of mental suffering. The pandemic has even more amplified this situation.

Mindfulness is a powerful tool that can help us live with greater calm, ease, and balance. When we practice mindfulness, we cultivate skills that are essential for our wellbeing: we learn to pay attention, calm down, and feel more joyful. We make time for our own self-care in the midst of our busy days.

In these sessions we will use  mindfulness and positive neuroplasticity tools  help you better deal with difficult feelings and thoughts and to focus on what really matters to you. 

We will combine mindfulness-based life coaching with the possibility to learn to meditate in a personalized setting: 

It can be difficult to start any new practice in our life, and mindfulness and meditation are no exceptions. It’s helpful to have an experienced guide who can teach you the basics, hold you accountable for your practice, and offer guidance and support when you encounter difficulties.

Maybe you’ve already tried practicing meditation, but you convinced yourself you were doing it wrong or you found it hard to stick with the practice. Maybe you just know you need to do something to reduce your stress and live with less overwhelm … and more presence.

That’s where personalized mindfulness coaching can help. You will receive personalized attention, guidance, and instruction in mindfulness and meditation so you can reduce your stress and increase your wellbeing. 


I also provide supervision and mentoring for advanced meditators and teacher trainees:

If you already have an existing mindfulness practice, one-on-one mentoring and coaching is a wonderful way to personalize and support your mindfulness journey and personal growth.


Your coach

Beate Trück is an experienced trainer and coach and has helped many clients over the past years.

She is a certified mindfulness teacher (MBSR) and an authorized positive neuroplasticity trainer and has given trainings for more than a decade. She is also the head of our mindfulness teacher training and the founder of Brussels Mindfulness. Find out more about Beate here.



  • 60 minutes sessions via zoom, an easy to use interactive tool. 
  • You will receive acess to guided meditations and an assignment in between the sessions to further deepen the process.
  • You can book one or several sessions in a batch below. 
  • Languages: English, German, French and Dutch (passive understanding of Spanish and Italian).

We also offer individual leadership courses for executives. Please contact us for more information



€ 80 per session (incl. VAT).

Please send us your company details before booking if you would like us to make a VAT invoice for you.


Not sure if this approach is the right one for you, or would you like to have a first encounter?

Contact Beate for a free intake call of about 15 minutes to discuss your questions and how this coaching can help you move forward before booking your first session.

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