6-Week Mindful@Work Online Course on Friday Afternoons
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Brussels Mindfulness is one of the pioneer organisations for providing mindfulness at work in Belgium.

Online 6-week Mindful@Work Programme

Boosting your resilience, joy, and performance at work

with mindfulness trainer Beate Trück

Online 6-week course, on Friday afternoons rom 15.00 - 17.00 CET

  • Starting on March 11, 2022
  • Course dates: 11, 18, 25 March; 1, 22, 29 April. No session on 8 and 15 April

In these volatile, fast paced, uncertain and ambiguous times, where we are again working from home, many people are having a hard time concentrating and separating work from private life. As a consequence, you can feel constantly crazed, having the impression of always running behind, having no time to be creative and focus on the stuff that really matters. Not being your best self at work and not getting fulfilment out of your life anymore can lead to feelings of overwhelm, helplessness and exhaustion.

Having taught mindfulness in companies for the past decade we have identified 6 key competencies that are necessary to truly excel at work. Our new Mindful@Work programme starting in March 2022 is built around these competencies.

The 6 key competencies for truly thriving at your work

  1. Focus: In this distracted and fast paced working environment the ability to focus and to be truly present is key if you want to achieve excellent results.
  2. Resilience: Self-care, stress management tools, knowing how to protect and nourish yourself are needed to boost wellbeing and prevent burnout and exhaustion.
  3. Emotional balance: People often think emotions should be kept out of business life while unconsciously they are being controlled by them. However, it is important to be in touch with your emotions and knowing how to regulate yourself.
  4. Empathy: the ability to connect to others and to be truly present and kind is needed to create a human working environment which is based on trust and motivation rather than fear and control.
  5. Positivity: The ability to find joy in little moments of daily life, to cultivate gratitude and contentment is crucial to counter the negativity bias of the human brain and to contribute to a happy workplace and life.
  6. Value-driven: Understanding your set of values and priorities in life helps you to use them as a compass to navigate in life. It provides meaning and purpose and contributes to stay true to yourself and in control of your life.

Why the focus on getting things done is only half of the story

Many organisations strongly focus on improving efficiency – doing more with fewer resources. However, this focus on doing is only half of the story. There is another side to effective organisations, which often gets overlooked.

We are in the doing mode when we are solving problems, analysing situations, and getting things done. However, in the hectic reality of many organisations today, this doing mode can easily become a stressed, overdrive mode.

Why the focus on getting things done is only half of the story

There is ever more information to process, within shorter time limits. In today's 24-hour economy, people are expected to respond instantly. Add to this the constant distractions of emails, smartphones, and open-plan offices – and you get a high-pressure context in which human potential partially gets lost. The current global pandemic is taking away any sense of certainty and security, while the increase in working from home has decreased the division between work and private life, not to mention, the increase in back-to-back meetings making things even worse.

A healthy dose of acute, positive stress – such as a nearing deadline – helps us focus. But the chronic stress that is induced by constant distractions and excessive time pressure is largely counterproductive.

Under this kind of stress, our brain switches to survival mode, resulting in the fact that our thinking process and actions become less rational. Chronically stressed people are more anxious, less creative, more easily irritated, and end up exhausted. When your team is far from its potential performance, your organisation is also unable to deliver its best possible results.

Mindfulness allows people to recharge their batteries

Mindfulness allows people to recharge their batteries

Therefore, it is crucial to learn to recharge your batteries during a busy day - before you reach the point of depletion. This is exactly what a mindfulness training offers, and it is very easy to implement at work.

Practising mindfulness at work is about building moments into your day to just be. Short breaks in which you take a breather, allow your mind to calm down and find more clarity about what to do next, and how to do it best.

Of course, various apps make a similar promise. But without proper training first, these won’t offer a long-term solution – this requires changing mental habits. A mindfulness training and professional guidance support this process of transformation.

This is the paradoxical effect of mindfulness: doing things more effectively through being more aware and balanced. Our mindfulness workshops and courses offer many practical and down-to-earth ways of achieving this, and appeal to a wide range of audiences, from managers to support staff, engineers, and salespeople.

Research has shown several benefits to introducing mindfulness practices in organisations(1):

Less stress & burn-outBetter communicationLower absenteeism
Better focus & creativityLess conflictHigher productivity
Better psychological wellbeingStronger relationshipsHigher engagement

(1)M. Chaskalson, The Mindful Workplace (2011) & A.Chiesa and A. Seretti, A systematic review of neurobiological and clinical features of mindfulness meditations. Psychological Medicine 40 (2010).

Some of the concrete benefits of applying mindfulness at work:

  • Keep your cool in acutely stressful situations
  • Prevent chronic stress from building up
  • Develop sharper focus, and identify and act on opportunities more quickly and more creatively
  • Manage your energy levels and prevent exhaustion and burnout
  • Balance your emotions and interact in an authentic and empathetic way
  • Move from automatic reactions to more chosen responses
  • Learn to see clearly and be more creative
  • Counter the negativity bias and shift towards more positivity
  • Develop self-confidence based on self-compassion and a sense of agency
  • Improve your communication skills by learning to listen and speak mindfully
  • Feel more in control of your life and focus on what really matters to you
  • Find more joy in your work (again)

Features of the Mindful@Work Programme

  • Personal intake based on a confidential questionnaire
  • 6 sessions of 2 hours each
  • Mix of teaching, practising, and sharing
  • Online via Zoom
  • Max 12 people
  • In English
Features of the Mindful@Work Programme
For whom?

For whom?

This course is ideal for you if you are an:

  • Employee at any level
  • Entrepreneur
  • Employer

How to book the course?

  • Scroll down to book at spot for the course and pay directly
  • If your employer is willing to pay for the course, please let us know so we can issue an invoice to them
  • You can also book the whole course for your organisation, please get in touch with us directly


€499 (VAT included), included in the fee:

  • A manual with specific exercises
  • Specific, downloadable meditations for each session
  • One individual coaching session of 45-minutes per person to deepen the learning transfer
  • The recording of each session will be accessible for 7 days


Beate Trück, Director Brussels Mindfulness

Beate is German and has several masters in languages and European affairs. In previous years she has worked in leading positions at different organisations in Brussels, amongst others as CEO of the European Venture Philanthropy Association and Brussels Director of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. She has been teaching mindfulness and mindful leadership in many international organisations since 2011. 

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions. For administrative and practical questions, please contact info@brusselsmindfulness.be. For questions about our courses and events, have a look at our FAQ.

If you want to discuss something directly with the teacher, you can contact Beate Trück via beate.trueck@brusselsmindfulness.be.

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"The 8-week course was a real eye opener. I loved the coach as well as the group. Everything was done in an atmosphere of compassion and understanding. I feel like now I have this big toolbox that I can keep developing and digging into when I face stressful situations."

"I highly recommend Brussels Mindfulness! The teachers and approach were the right balance of providing a conceptual understanding, hands-on practice, personal and peer reflections and dialogue to understand and integrate what we learnt into who we are and what we do. The impact has been immediate and keeps on going - it is an investment that positively affects the foundations of self and holistic wellbeing!".

"I am now meditating every day! I found the course a good balance of theory, practical and sharing vs actually meditating."

"High quality teachers and extraordinary communication and pedagogical tools (handbook, to-the-point emails, languages, knowledge..). Extraordinary mindfulness course which should be a must for everyone .... impossible not to like it! Mindfulness attitudes so much needed in hectic times.... and delicious raisins (you will find out why)!"

Read more testimonials here and read a long reflection by one of our participants here.

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