Focused Leadership Programme

2-03-2020 till 20-06-2020
Beginners, Follow-up


Avenue Tervueren 81


Focused Leadership Programme


Focused Leadership: From fire-extinguishing to leading from inspiration

For everyone with a leading or influencing role 

3-month programme

With Beate Trück and Katleen Janssen

  • Do you feel that the continuous flow of information and interruptions is hindering you to see clearly and to take the best decisions?
  • Do you sometimes feel disconnected from the people you are working with or do you have difficulties guiding them through necessary change?
  • Would you like to move from “fire extinguishing” management to a more inspiring leadership role?
  • Do you feel like you haven’t reached your full leadership potential, or would you like to align your leadership approach more with your personal values?

A focused leader is a leader who is truly present. This leadership presence is a tangible quality. Those around a focused leader see, feel and are inspired by this presence and it creates a ripple effect deep into the organisation.


Being a leader has never been easy but today leaders are facing unprecedented complexity and ambiguity.

When we consider the challenges leaders face today, it’s easy to see the need for cultivating focused leadership.

  • Increasing complexity and ambiguity. The environment we live and work in is becoming ever more complex and ambiguous. There are numerous new and difficult challenges and many organisations face considerable resource restraints.
  • A state of “continuous partial attention”. We are attached 24/7 to an array of technological devices that produce information overload that generates anxiety and a sense of disconnection. The volume of information at our disposal is, in fact, leading to less rather than more certainty. We can argue that we live in a state of “continuous partial attention”.
  • Lack of mental space. The most frequent complaint heard by leaders is the lack of mental space they experience. We often simply do not have the space, the breathing room, that is necessary to be clear and focused, and to listen deeply to ourselves and to others in order to take adequately informed and wise decisions.
  • The world needs leaders with a clear and open mind and heart. If we are to successfully resolve the greater challenges we face, not only within our organisations, but in our society and planet as a whole, we need more leaders with an open awareness, focused and creative, with a clear sense of purpose and compassion for the greater whole.


Leading from awareness

At the heart of the most influential contemporary leadership models is the necessity for leaders to reflect and renew themselves. Yet how is this possible in today’s high-speed and complex environment?

Practicing mindfulness is a scientifically proven way of leading with awareness, by enabling you to create more mental space – in the midst of the constant busyness and challenging environments. You learn to become aware of your own mental patterns and habits and you develop tools to change unhelpful habits.

This has some important benefits. A mindful leader is able to:

  • connect – to others, to the larger community as well as to her or his personal values and ethics.
  • skilfully initiate and guide change, by listening and collaborating with open curiosity and by showing a willingness, if necessary, to live with ambiguity until a decision becomes clear.
  • motivate others to flourish in their work and to find their own meaning in work and life.
  • stimulate innovation by accepting failures as experiments from which to learn and inspires her or his people to do the same.
  • have a clear sense of purpose and direction and is willing to stand up for what matters, despite resistance, scepticism or his or her own fears.
  • These benefits do not only apply to the individual leader and his or her team, but to the organisation as a whole. Higher engagement levels and levels of trust in leadership are an important result – as well as more successful change and an overall increase in productivity.

Mindful Leadership does not necessarily replace other leadership or management approaches, such as lean management or others. It serves as an enabler for those approaches, by giving leaders the mental calm and clarity to apply them.

Would you like to embark on the journey of becoming a more mindful leader?


How do you learn focused leadership?

We spend most of our time in the often frantic “doing/thinking/problem-solving” mode in which stress builds up and clouds our vision.

By learning to switch between the “doing” mode and a more contemplative “being” mode, leaders can learn to find more mental space and develop more awareness that enables them to connect more deeply with others and with their personal purpose.

A mindful leader embodies leadership presence by training and cultivating focus, clarity, creativity and compassion in the service of others.

These capabilities are developed by

  • learning a set of contemplative practices, such as mindfulness meditation, to deepen (self-)awareness.
  • reflecting on personal leadership values to develop a clearer sense of purpose.
  • learning to pause in the midst of the franticness of our hectic life.
  • sharing ideas and experiences with our participants of the programme.
  • reflecting on challenging situations and how to stay balanced and find the right response according to your values.


Join our 3-month focused leadership programme

What you will learn in this Focused Leadership Programme

  • Recognise stress-inducing patterns and learn to respond more appropriately.
  • Cultivate focus as well as the ability to tolerate ambiguity.
  • Bring mindfulness and compassion into communication and the feedback you give and receive as a leader.
  • Respond wisely to challenging situations.
  • Lead by inspiration, based on your personal leadership principles and values.

In this course, you will work both on your personal stress-management and self-awareness as on interpersonal applications for mindfulness, helping you to find more balance for yourself and inspire others to do so as well.

No prior knowledge or experience with mindfulness is required.


What you get in this programme

  • 1 personalised take-in session (by phone)
  • 3 days of residential training. In these 2 days we will introduce you to the basic mindful leadership practices and concepts.
  • 2 individual coaching sessions with individual action plans by the trainers.
  • 1 coaching session in little groups
  • Supporting material with home practices and practical tipps to integrate what you learn into your daily life and work.
  • Mp3-downloads with guided meditation exercises.
  • 12 follow up emails with practical tips and reminders
  • unlimited phone-calls and emails with the trainers
  • A small group of max. 8 people.
  • A wholesome location that supports the learning and your nourishment 
  • 2 experienced trainers throughout the whole programme

The content and set-up of this programme is specifically designed to help you integrate the mindful leadership practices into your daily life and work.



The dates will be determined once we have a small group of motivated and dedicated people. Please contact us if you would like to be part of this programme. 



The trainers

Beate Trück, Founder Brussels Mindfulness & Mindfulness Trainer

Beate is German and has several masters in languages and European affairs. In previous years she has worked in leading positions at different organisations in Brussels, amongst others as CEO of the European Venture philanthropy Association. Beate has been trained and certified as a mindfulness teacher (MBSR) by Arbor Seminare in Germany. She is also an authorised positive neuroplasticity trainer of the method by Dr Rick Hanson. She has been teaching mindfulness in many international organisations, amongst which the European commission and Parliament, Brussels Airlines, Nestlé, Allen & Overy. She has also recently created and leads an international mindfulness teacher training programme in Brussels. Beate also provides executive coaching to CEOs who want to lead by inspiration and make a real difference in this world. 


Katleen Janssens, Executive coach and Mindfulness Trainer

As an experienced organizational psychologist and senior coach, Katleen is passionate in getting the best out of people. She is also a licensed creative psychotherapist focused on providing private individual support in work related stress and burn-out.

After having been managing partner of ITAM, the institute for attention and mindfulness in Gent, she founded her own company AORA bvba in 2006. AORA helps people to transform their individual and organisational needs into valuable and fulfilling solutions. She has been working with managers in diverse business contexts, focusing on achieving sustainable individual and team working output, resulting in high impact and more happy people on the long term.

Katleen has been practising yoga and meditation for 20 years. She has been following mindulness retreats and professional programmes for many years, for exemple Mindfulness Compassion Training, Dhamma Course and Insight Dialogue Retreat.  Since 2018 she is also teaching at the Leadership Programs of the Antwerp Management School.




The training days will take place at MM81, av. Tervueren 81. The location is a beautiful old maison de maitre with a lovely quiet garden and water fountain in the heart of Brussels.

Easy access by public transport: metro Montgomery / Merode.

Delicious teas and organic food will be served.




For whom? 

For people with a leading or influencing role who would like to 

- master their mind and flourish in life

- increase productivity and flourishing of the team

- lead more in line with their purpose and leadership principles

- increase their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their team

- implement kindness and compassion at work




Standard rate for private-sector companies with 10 employees or more: 2.999 EUR per participant

Reduced rate for individuals, non-profit & small companies (less than 10 employees): 2.799 EUR per participant

Included in this price:

  • 3 full training days,
  • 3 coaching sessions (+ 1 take-in session)
  • course materials with summaries and exercises
  •  all lunches 
  • coffee and tea breaks
  • 12 in-between emails with tipps and reminders
  • unlimited calls and email support 
  • a set of guided meditations to support your practice

VAT will be added to the quoted rates above.



Please get in touch with us ( to register for the programme. Prior to the programme you will be invited to a phone call session to discuss your motivation and intentions to join the programme.

We would need your name, mail-addresse, phone number, and concrete information about your billing address (incl. VAT-number) as well as the rate that applies to you. 

If you have any questions, please contact Beate Trück - - GSM: +32 476 89 29 41.