Mindful Happy Hour: Cultivating pleasure and gratitude

Beginners, Follow-up

Online via zoom

Mindful Happy Hour:  Cultivating pleasure and gratitude
Monday 9 November 2020, from 19.30 to 20.30 CET.

This event will take place online via Zoom, an interactive meeting tool allowing you to share your experiences and ask questions.

The monthly after-work event to refresh or start your mindfulness practice

Theme for this evening: Cultivating pleasure and gratitude.

Our brain has a natural tendency to focus on the negative over the good. A supportive feature for our early ancestors, but this doesn't always serve us in our current environment. 

In this session, we will practice various mindfulness exercises to help you take your brain's attention away from what's not good and cultivate positive sensations of pleasure and gratitude instead. It is a moment to pause and nourish yourself from within, through some guided meditations and supported by a group of like-minded people. 

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The Mindful Happy Hours are open to everyone who

    • Wants to deepen or reboost their mindfulness practice
    • would like to practice mindfulness in a group of like-minded people
    • is looking for a new impulse and inspiration in practising mindfulness.
    • would like to have a moment of peace in the midst of the busyness
    • wants to have meaningful conversations with like-minded people.
    • is interested in mindfulness and would like to have a first experience with a teacher

 You are welcome as you are!


Practical details

During the Mindful Happy Hour, we will be practising several guided meditations. There will be a talk around cultivating pleasure when our negative bias kicks in, as well as the opportunity to share your experiences in the group. 

We start at 19.30 and end at 20.30.

The participation fee is €15 (VAT included). Please check our terms & conditions about cancellations and refunds.

You will receive the zoom link to our online meeting a few hours before the start of the Mindful Happy Hour.

With mindfulness teacher Robin Creswell.


Price: 15€ (this equals the original donation of 10€ plus VAT and booking fee)



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